Doc's ranking list of V&C basic literature!

In my view there are some books concerning Vacheron Constantin, that are invaluable, and if I should try to rank them,
they would be from top and downwards.
Antiquorum Art of Vacheron Constantin
Augenweide Armbanduhr –VC, by Anton Kreuzer.
The world of Vacheron Constantin, by Proellochs
The Quarter Millennium of Vacheron Constantin 1755-2005
The Secrets of Vacheron, by Cologni
The rest is impossible to rank, but the first five area must!
I have had good help from the 12 pages in Chronos issue April 2005, by Brunner, with his tremendous knowledge of watches in general, no one beats him!
At last but not least books that a horological enthusiast needs in his library,
Without them their library is incomplete!
Finally no one should call him a watch collector if he doesn’t know how a watch functions, remember my words about a pocket watch at every collectors place, doesn’t need being a V&C, just seeing how the watch works. You don’t do that through a sapphire glass and 180 degrees hidden behind a 21K winder weight and the rest by bridges!
In the end I have got so much out of collecting watches, that’s it is not possible to describe.
From friends to knowledge, and also my taste for art have concentrated to the Art Deco period, and in that to many other things, like paintings, posters, sculptures, books, yes, even walking sticks, and jewellery and of course some watches, which doesn’t need to be V&C nowadays!

Art of Vacheron Constantin
07/25/2012 - 04:20
Doc, great choices yes for the enthusiastic Vacheronista.  An interesting tidbit regarding the Art of Vacheron Constantin and it's introductory story titled, The Saga of Vacheron Constantin - The heroic period.  The story itself is taken from Charles Constantin's Annales de la Maison d'Horlogerie Vacheron & Constantin.  Constantin, the great-grand nephew of François Constantin and a company director, assembled this narrative in 1928 from the archives of 1785 to 1914.  Constantin's Annales have been extensively consulted by authors and historians, and extracts may be found in most authoritative works on Vacheron & Constantin. He later returned to his manuscript to add a final chapter which will not be found in the Art of Vacheron Constantin; covering the period of 1914 to 1938 and the amalgamation with Jaeger-LeCoultre.
Re: Art of Vacheron Constantin
07/26/2012 - 02:42
How I searched Charles Constantin's 'memoirs' or Saga. Even the Maison Vacheron Constantin refuse they have it! Glad you jopined me in my 'simle' taste, but honestly it couldn't be anyway else! BTW, after a lousy summer where you can count the days, tomorrow I will lay on the fore deck again, and perhaps take a shot like this They promise as warm as today, then I will go down and sit here, where it's cold and read have a look of the true hero  on the wall! Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who was first to circumnavigate this globe in 312 days. Before the freeze-dry food!  This is what he brought with him for one (!) year, nearly, and trusting on catching fish and rainwater! The waterline didn't show. His boat are on the the fot as long as mine, but much wider and worse sailor than mine is! No world around trip tomorrow, even though about 50% of the type of  boat I have, has circiumnavigated! On Ebay I found this first day letter, when he came home after his 312 days, as the first solo sailor without stop! Cheers Doc
Re: Art of Vacheron Constantin
08/04/2012 - 18:12
You are my STAR! You know why! Doc
Doc, amazing!
07/26/2012 - 23:40
Thank you for providing this list! I've already bookmarked this post and will use it as a reference for my future VC book adventures - already have two of those listed and am slowly but surely increasing the number ;). Best, Walid
Re: Doc, amazing!
08/04/2012 - 18:17
Walid, I thank you for your too kind words, but as I written below in answer read all that NOT concern watches, more often then you read inside literature, it increases your ability to extract 'watch literature'! Please see below and thanks again Cheers Doc
Re: Doc's ranking list of V&C basic literature!
08/02/2012 - 01:00
Thanks for the recommended reading list (eller tack!). I just created an account although I've been lurking for some time. I'm a big fan of VC but I don't own one yet.  Cheers!
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It's a lousy posting system. I had for months been working and done an article, in Words, about double in size that was posted........ Hold  ctrl/cmd + v, and put the message in the frame, then push the OK.... I have done it in both Safari and Firefox. I doesn't work...... have to push TWICE at the OK. Once in my shortened article it was suddenly posted twice! Alex, do something or rather talk to someone. A newbie will NEVER try to post. I answered twice, on emails direct to me, beside the forum, on this question today. Probably it wouldn't have been better with my full story but the most important is to get first time visitors to post.  If I as a new visitor I had tried and given up! OK, I bought my first Apple, MacIntosh plus, 1984, so I have only nearly 30 years experience... BTW you have to wear a working watch when sailing, using chainsaw et etc The strange is that the pics works perfect! BTW the bezel is WG, not bad on a tractor laugh Finally Alex you are doing a better job than any other person would have done heart Your old friend Doc
The Art of Vacheron Constantin
08/04/2012 - 11:27
I just ordered it, should be good reading. Nice old rhodium dial 1620/16200 you got there Doc BTW. yes