Does having a case in Gold have any anti-magnetic properties?

I always see that it is mostly on steel case watches that anti-magnetic screening is mentioned and never really on Gold case watches - is this because gold being anti-magnetic there is an element on screening already or is that just rubbish.


no the case metal does not to the best of my knowledge have
09/08/2007 - 14:51

anti magnetic properties but rather the elements making up the balance.

Today basically all watches are anti magnetic but some like VC add an extra inner soft iron case for even extra anti magnetism. Its a bit like water resistance basically all watches are water resistant up to 30m which is more than enough for our everyday use but others can stand depths none of us will ever descend to!

Here's a scan courtesy of Milton H of the beautiful OS Dual Time in RG and a scrumtious chocolate dial and which is antimagnetic