Does that remind you of something?

Does that remind you of something?

Just look up to the top of the screen Does that remind you of something? 

And this one comes from 1901...

some info...
05/06/2008 - 13:24

I found on the piece:

"Vacheron & Constantin Commemorative Watch Celebrating the 1901 Schutzenfest in Luzern, Switzerland. 18K Gold Watch with Fancy Engravings and Inscriptions. The Porcelain Dial is a soft creamy white with Blue Numerals, and small Gold Dots around the Perimeter. It has Gold Hands, and is Signed "Vacheron & Constantin Geneva." The Case is Sold 18K Gold with a knurled edge front bezel, slightly Rounded Back with Embossed Floral Design and Enamel Overlay. The Case measures 30mm, not including the Crown or Wire Lugs."

1901? That would make it one of the first wrist watches! However it
05/06/2008 - 13:25

does look like either a PW with soldered lugs or a recased movement (the hinges sticking out on the side lead me to think that this is the case)

I'm sure you're right (nt)
05/06/2008 - 13:28

People in the future might say the same about
05/06/2008 - 14:48

some Bovet and DeBethune watches

Bovet doesn't rock my boat but DeBethune make some
05/06/2008 - 17:09

really amazing time pieces. I only wish they would stop modifying the design of the watches each year.

How do you know Alex that it's a possible recased movement?
05/07/2008 - 11:21

I thought we should see the movement to really know if it comes from a pw or not. What do you think?

In that way, do you know, or have the information, when the first real VC wristwatch was made? Maybe try to have a pic of it...

Thanks Alex


the hinges
05/07/2008 - 12:46

they stick out way too much which leads me to belive that the case was an afterthought.

Thank you my dear.
05/07/2008 - 15:06

Please try to find the info about the first watch, just culture wise...

05/06/2008 - 21:38

I belive it's as Alex has written,

a remade pocket watch, often ladies pw movements were,

or worse, are used in this way...

Nice anyhow



just a scan (nt)
05/07/2008 - 02:06


You should perhaps be either sad or happy :-) nt
05/07/2008 - 15:11


I just related to the similarities to CR above...
05/07/2008 - 17:01

You know me, Doc. I wouldn't be getting anything under 38mm. And that is a question: be  or ?


Re: Does that remind you of something?
05/27/2008 - 10:51


I found a pocket watch from The Purist which matches with your image.

See below

The watch you mentioned is genuine and is converted from a pocket watch some time after 1901 and unlikely a recase.