Does someone have a clue when the round Malte case will be phased out?

I love that case so much, I really think it is a shame it is to be phased out. That means that models such as the Malte Chrono and the Malte Dual Time Regulator (2 of my favorite VCs) don't have much time left...Does someone have a clue when the round Malte case will be phased out? While I'm excited about the new models that will replace them, I'll be sad to see them go. I'm wondering how quickly VC will be making the transition.

I'm guessing that VC decided to only retain the tonneau case in the Malte collection, as the Patrominy collection already has a round case; still, IMO the Malte collection's true identity is more associated with the round case (and 9 out of the 15 Malte models currently available have a round case...)

will be a long process, I don't have a specific deadline but I think
08/22/2008 - 00:24

that the Malte Chrono for example is living its last moments, the rest will follow... Even though I can understand your feelings VC needed to clean up its collections and give a clear identity to each.  

thanks for the info
08/22/2008 - 02:26
bye bye, beautiful Malte Chrono. I understand VC's strategy though, and I know that they are doing the right thing
Good bye Malte Chrono...hello...
08/22/2008 - 02:50
Yes, I heard the same thing about the Malte Chrono so for those that have been hesitating, now is the time to buy. What "replaces" the Malte Chrono will come with a heftier price tag, among other things....but Alex would kill me if I spill the beans this early. ....anyway, that is for SIHH 2009 so I will leave the details to Alex. Just rocking the boat a little, Jefe. Kazumi
where do you get your little tips my friend? I'd like to join in on...
08/22/2008 - 02:56
your fun and the source Or are you just playing around you?
If the Don and Luca have the Mafia, I have the Yakuza over here..
08/22/2008 - 03:54
Hello Radek and Francois, I just thought I'd stir things up for the Don a little...but no, I am not just playing around.    However, even in the Mafia and Yakuza, we have what is called "honor among thieves" which prevents me from revealing more details and my sources.  Sorry for being such a tease... I am glad that aside from being safe from Alex here, I am also far enough from you guys that you cannot twist my arm for more info. Anyway, being loyal VC fanatics, you should be able to make very good educated guesses without me.  Besides, this is one more reason to join Alex at SIHH in January. Cheers! Kazumi
and you say I was a lap dancer in a previous life ?:-) one correction
08/22/2008 - 11:50
the price tag as far as I know will not be largely modified which is good news.
nice to hear to price tag will be relatively the same (nt).
08/22/2008 - 12:46
Re: one correction
08/22/2008 - 17:50
Hi Alex, Although an acceptable level of price increase is subjective (especially when my pockets are concerned), I am glad to hear that the increase will not be too significant. It will be interesting how VC's new design will finally look like, although I understand Francois' reluctance to see the MC go.
Is this why "The Don" sent Luca a ticket to Japan???
08/22/2008 - 20:14

My turn to enjoy someone your humor! Best, Miki

tu quoque, fili mi?
08/22/2008 - 03:10
I wasn't expecting such a tease from you Kazumi! Come on, tell us, you are too far away for Alex to kill you...
correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this will open a road for new...
08/22/2008 - 02:51
additions to the Patrimony line to arrive in the nearest future. As the Malte specific models will be withdrawn from production they should be replaced by similar models in the Patrimony line-up, at least it ought to take place in a few cases i.e. Malte Chrono will be replaced by a Patrimony Chrono. VC simply cannot afford to abandon some complications and let them disappear from the market...
I'm 100% sure the new Patrimony models will be amazing,
08/22/2008 - 03:12
and I am quite anxious to see them released. But nonetheless, I am sad because I feel that it is the Best of VC that is being let go of...
I am glad I got mine already.
08/22/2008 - 14:46
It'd most likely be a permanent part of my (tiny) collection. For those who hasn't got one, grab it while you can!  Here's another crappy pic of the said beauty.  The contrast of the blue hands with the rose gold case is just beautiful! The pic doesn' do any justice to the watch... Have a gr8 W/E! 
Thanks for the pic
08/22/2008 - 15:29

it had been a while since I had seen a photo of it in RG... a real beauty

Agree rei, thats a fantastic combo and the RG really makes the
08/22/2008 - 16:05
guilloche stand out.
Thank you! I wish I had a better pic to show you all... (nt)
08/22/2008 - 18:35
I believe that VC faces some of the same issues as
08/23/2008 - 04:24
Patek does with its 5070, since both the Malte Chrono and 5070 are based on the same Lemania base movement and future supplies of them are doubtful at best. Personally, I think this "supply problem" has presented a wonderful opportunity for VC (and Patek) to develop and produce their own in-house movements for some new chronographs.  Looking forward to seeing what is coming from Geneva... Duncan
even though VC's inhouse chrono movement is still a few years away I
08/23/2008 - 11:21
have heard that it will be amazing!!!!
Would we expect anything less? In a word, NO! :-) (nt)
08/23/2008 - 14:31
I hope the replacement stays in the 37 - 39 mm diameter! nt
08/22/2008 - 13:52
I'd prefer more in the 39-42mm range. :-)
08/22/2008 - 15:24

so 39mm would be good for both of us...

I second Francois ;-) nt
08/22/2008 - 17:26
I think under-40mm chronos are an endangered speices (nt)
08/22/2008 - 17:34

unfortunately I think Kazumi is right (nt)
08/22/2008 - 17:36
;-) (nt)
08/22/2008 - 17:56


I agree, for the moment...
08/22/2008 - 17:51
...I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years, people get tired or larger watches and the smaller models become cool again... Fashion, like everything else, seems to evolve in the pendulum fashion - it looks like the human race might not be the brightest or most original one It's probably why VC has kept the size of its manufactured movements small...
of size and VC movements
08/22/2008 - 18:04
I really doubt we ver go back to anything under 38mm and for classically inclined brands anything betwenn 38-42mm should become the norm. I can't really believe I'm saying this considering that only a couple of years ago anything over 36-37mm seemed huge on my wrist!! Regarding the smallish VC movements the reason they have kept the size is to be able to continue using the modules already developed in the 80s-90s (where the watches were mainly 36mm), if the movements were made bigger VC would have been obliged redevelop modules and that would have given a hike to an already high price tag. However, you will soon see a nice big inhouse caliber....
New movement?!...I rest my case, lap dancer!
08/22/2008 - 18:13
+1 :-) (nt)
08/22/2008 - 18:24
There is only one Porky :-) (nt)
08/22/2008 - 18:31
Re: of size and VC movements
08/23/2008 - 12:18
However, you will soon see a nice big inhouse caliber.... how soon master yonda  dont forget that iam waiting for an answer about new vc patrimony mw with the new cal which probable be an open back watch  i am an enamoured man and i would like my first VC as soon it gets vasilis
soon young Padwan...soon... (nt)
08/25/2008 - 13:23