Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.

After visiting Hour Lounge in Geneva, there is one man that we should be obliged
to extra much.
Le Directeur Maison Vacheron Constantin, Dominique Bernaz.
He was attending during the whole visit, always stimulating with his friendly attitude. 

Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.
photo a part of JB's

I met Dominique the first time 2005, by coincidence, among over 1000 persons, at the Antiquorum auction, ‘The Quarter of Millennium of Vacheron Constantin’. 

Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.

We started talking and haven’t finished since than!

After a career as an accountant, he changed to more exclusive fields.
First in diamonds then 5 years in New York at Bulgari, 5 years at Vacheron Constantin, and 7 years as Chief of The Patek Philippe shop in Geneva and then continued to Antiquorum as Deputy Chairman, and finally back home to Vacheron Constantin.
Much of this, and much more has Alex written in an interview, which I will give the link to at the bottom of this message.

Besides the effect that he is always welcoming and the perfect host, there is absolute nothing that he doesn’t know about watches, from vintage to the newest creations.
Except being Chief of the most exclusive Vacheron Constantin shop, he also is responsible for The Heritage Department, including the ever changing Museum, I believe they change it every 6 months, but they do have over 1.000 watches to choose from!
Dominique has also created a new era, the ‘bespoke watches’ , where you can get what ever you want, from personal changes on new existing models, to an entirely new creation from ’scratch’, if you can afford to pay…

Every time I visited Antiquorums boutique, or when I visit la Maison Vacheron Constantin, I have met him, he personify ‘management by walking around’, if anyone. Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.

It’s strange seeing his big hands, handle the tiniest watch with such care, especially if you know that these hands, handle chainsaws, do repair work on his Range Rover, as long from small movements as you can come.

Most of all he burns for Vacheron Constantin and knows everything worth to know, but he still is moving his plans forward, not to be ‘stucked’ in the history, he wants to create history, not just rest on it! 
He is also a true ‘lurker’ at Hour Lounge, don't forget that! Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.

Thanks Dominique, for all you do for us, Hour Loungers, and all Vacheron Constantin aficionados around the world.

Alex interview:

And thank you for being so kind to us all, at our Geneva visit Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.

I can only agree with Doc
02/03/2009 - 23:02
and I am joining him to thank and congratulate Dominique hugely for welcoming us during a fantastic dinner at La Maison. Everything was so well prepared and organized to receive guests, spend a delightful evening before visiting the temporary exhibition showing the best vintage pieces. Very interesting is the change of the theme every 6 months to exhibit unique and very seldom watches: it's much worth to visit it! Patrice
Totally agree with you Doc.
02/04/2009 - 00:22
I first met Dominique several years ago, prior to his return to VC, and he is a very dynamic, charismatic individual with a true passion for watches.  I recall meeting him and he being excited, practically giddy like a child at Christmas, with his latest timepiece.  He has an infectious enthusiasm for horology and VC has a terrific resource in this gentleman. Cheers, Duncan
hear hear, agree that Dom is a true asset (nt)
02/04/2009 - 10:50
Dominique adds true value to the brand and they are so lucky to have..
02/04/2009 - 13:27
him on board. I agree with you, Mats, he is a man with true passion and this drives him to develop and conquer new battle fields in haute horlogerie. Respect!
Re: Dominique Bernaz the Grey Eminence.
02/04/2009 - 13:56
I agree completely, and not just about Geneva. Dominique over the last few years since we met has shown himself to be a wonderful, helpful individual. He has taken the time to be hepful and caring, even when the matter seemed trivial and unimportant. He has come through more than 100% in answering questions, clarifying problems and has been most instrumental in making me a real devoté of Vacheron. I count him as a real  friend and consider him a wonderful asset for Vacheron. Joseph