Don't forget to check in on March 29 to celebrate the Lounge's 1st...


I have 5 really nice gifts to give away and there will be three possibilities in winning one and I will start a specific thread for each on March 29 00.00 hours (Geneva time) and you'll have until 23.59 hours (Geneva time) on March 29 to enter.

1- Just post your name, or say hi under thread n°1

2- Tell us what your favorite VC is and why (a scan would be good to have) under thread n°2

3- Tell us a VC related story (ie: your 1st purchase, something you saw, an interesting anecdote or simply why you like VC etc...) under thread n°3

I'll post the rules and gifts the same day.

You'll also start seeing sneak peaks of a rather surprising (and that's an understatement) Vacheron Constantin...


since some Loungers will be leaving for the week end the contests will
03/28/2008 - 18:25

start in about an hour.