Don't forget the day 11 of September.

Memorials for the September 11 attacks, it's already 8 years since!

From my little island as a tribute to the people of USA,
I sometimes let this flag flap.

Don't forget the day 11 of September.

But to me this the most beautiful, of course Don't forget the day 11 of September.

Don't forget the day 11 of September.

Let us think of the victims and their families,
and enjoy every day as it was the last! Don't forget the day 11 of September.

Glad to Know this is Remembered
09/11/2009 - 19:03

Doc, My wife and I enjoy every day as if it was our last. A brief story- I hope its OK to share this here-my wife was due to present to 250 people at Sun Microsystems, her company, @ 9:00 on 9/11 on the 17th floor of tower two. She was late getting there and saw flames coming from the building and sought shelter in Century 21, a store across the street. The buzz was that a small plane had hit. As she came out of the building she saw the second plane hit and a moment later the couple that jumped out of the building holding hands landed within a 100 feet of her. Cell phone systems were overwhelmed and realizing she couldn't get near the buildings she ran, in high heels, one mile north, got in a cab and caught the last train out of Grand Central station to Connecticut. We call those her "magic shoes" for getting her out of harms way, and she wears them once a year on this date. On the train she met the lone survivor of Kantor Fitzgerald, an administrative assistant who had left the office to pick up some cold medicine in the pharmacy in the lobby. All of the people from her company got out of the building safely because of the efforts of a private security guard the firm had hired. He had been in the building during the 1993 bombing and even though the public announcement system was telling people to stay in their offices this person recognized the danger and made sure everyone got out of the building. Thanks for keeping this day in mind and prayers for the victims and heroes of that terrible day. Ray

Dear Ray, I'm deeply moved by reading your words.
09/11/2009 - 19:32
My wife just came home from work and I asked her what day it was, and she of course answered, that it was THE day. We both were quite astonished that it's so 'long' since it happened, 8 years, longer than WW II! Life goes on, whatever happens, as I have both personal and professional experiences of. Thank you for your touching story and for your family a happy ending. Take care of your wife more than ever this day Mats
your story sent shivers down my spine. (nt)
09/14/2009 - 12:01
Re: Don't forget the day 11 of September.
09/11/2009 - 19:35
Thanks for posting this, Mats! Joseph
Hard to forget...
09/11/2009 - 20:18
Since it is my parents' wedding anniversary! A little paradoxal...
Re: Don't forget the day 11 of September.
09/12/2009 - 01:37
I wrote a post this morning before going out for the day, but erased it because of the strong emotions that came over me.  Now I've had a chance to think and perhaps say what I really mean.  Of course we must remember the tragedy and the victims of that day.  History has been full of tragedies and vicitms in far greater scale and we must remember them too!  The 911 atrocity continues to make victims as we discover what new evils the terrorists are up to and what evils those who seek to protect us have also been up to. In my own country of Canada we have started discussing the many ways our bill of rights were broken in the haste to catch and punish someone...anyone...after 911.  Many mistakes were made and millions of dollars will be paid to compensate people for wrongful imprisonment and even torture.  The biggest tragedy of 911 will be if it turns out that our civil rights and democracy are so fragile they are easily ignored when we are afraid.  That is a goal shared by both terrorists and fascists.
True Dean, true. nt
09/12/2009 - 01:56
Re: Re: Don't forget the day 11 of September.
09/12/2009 - 06:15
Very interesting, Dean... "and what evils those who seek to protect us are up to" That sounds a bit like making a moral equivalence between those who would destroy us by terrorism and those who wish to protect us from terrorism. Anyway, this is a watch forum and I'll leave it at that. JB
Thank you for remembering Doc...
09/12/2009 - 06:35

you are a wise and great man.  Best, Mike