The more I read your posts...
06/30/2012 - 18:22
The more I enjoy your sence of humor. Enjoy your week-end, Miki
Re: The more I read your posts...
07/01/2012 - 01:28
Couldn't resist the opportunity to poke a little fun at ourselves, but it's the universe that has the real sense of humor.
More time for the family!
06/30/2012 - 20:30
Thanks for the tip, Mike!...
06/30/2012 - 21:09
With more time to do the chores this opens up unchartered territorycheeky I've already changes my plans for tomorrow - always looking for a more productive day............indecisionTony
Thanks for the reminder and yes, it is important!
06/30/2012 - 21:56
Enjoy the weekend. Best to all, Tim
Re: Don't forget to reset all your watches today!
06/30/2012 - 22:10
Yes, I heard about that extra second! I set my watches by my reliable Casio solar-powered Pathfinder which is automatically linked to the National Observatory for the correct time. But I think I've already used up that extra second although I can't remember what for??  surprisecool Best, JB
Good Ghot(bi), I wouldn't wanna miss a second of tomorrow's...
06/30/2012 - 23:54
game: Espana vs Italia in the final of the UEFA EURO 2012 Championshipssmiley
Vamos Espańa!!! (nt)
07/02/2012 - 00:48
absolutely eavery team I was supporting lost :-(
07/02/2012 - 11:21
what am I to say? we didn't even make it out of the qualifications
07/04/2012 - 01:18