Don't know what to do

I am frustrated. I sent in my Overseas for service via my VC dealer in Oslo. That was in November last year. In June I got a call from my dealer: "Your Vacheron in back". I went down to collect my watch only to see that they had put the wrong second hand on it. It is to short, probably a second hand from the previous Overseas model. My dealer called them, but they didn't want to take the watch back. He then asked them to send a new, correct second hand, because he is an autorized watchmaker  and can put the right second hand in. He is yet to receive an answer. What am I support to do? My watch is still at the dealer as I didn't want to get a watch with an obvious fault. I have been a fanboy of VC for years and even introduced the brand to Norwegian watch collectors. 

Sorry to hear this Celter
08/30/2016 - 17:51

Can you share with us which model Overseas you have, and a picture of the wrong seconds hand?

Did VC tell you they needed to replace the seconds hand?  (Otherwise I would have expected they put the original hand ba k on the watch)

I don't understand how they could not take the watch back and install a proper hand.  VC service is warranted for 1-year after the service has been completed.

I would bring this to the attention of VC directly, with all your documentation.  I know there is a VC Concierge service for North America that can be contacted through VC's website. I'm not sure if there is. VC Concierge that covers Europe/Northern Europe.  

Our fearless leader Alex may be able to help as well.

I'm sure VC can and will make this right.  Please keep us posted.

Best Regards, Dan

I'm sorry to hear this but am surprised that
08/30/2016 - 18:01

VC don't want to take the watch back!


I will forward this discussion to VC and see what they say