Dress vs Sport

Speaking in general terms are the movements in dress watches more fragile than sport watches?

My preferences lie in the simple clean designs usually found in dress type watches.

Would using this type of watch everyday be recommended?

My lifestyle is very casual (golf shirts and jeans).


Re: Dress vs Sport
08/30/2016 - 14:47

I would not be concerned about the movements in dress watches being used as every day watches.  In the past, many people only owned one watch and wore them every day.  When we look at them today, we consider them dress watches.

I wear jeans and a polo shirt 90% of the time when I leave the house (with a change to a dress shirt or sweater when the weather gets colder).  Most of my watches would be considered dress watches (precious metal cases and leather straps) and I make sure to wear them all (otherwise, why would I have them? smiley),  but I must admit I wear a stainless steel Overseas most of the time.

This is because I am more concerned about my knack of bumping into things and scratches in a stainless steel case worry me less than precious metal cases.  I have one OS on a leather strap and one on a SS bracelet.  I also tend to wear metal bracelets more in the summer because I sweat alot and live in high humidity locales.  (Being in Atlanta, I'm sure you can relate).

But I never worried about whether the movement itself would be an issue in any of my dress watches, which are almost all vintage pieces, as a daily watch...as long as I'm not excercising or doing a lot of manual work.  I have a Casio Pathfinder for those occasions. 

BTW, the classic cal. 1120 is used by VC in many of its ultra-thin dress watches and also used in the Ref. 222 luxury sports watch (as well as AP's original Royal Oak and PP's original Nautilus).

Agree with Dan no major difference anymore
08/30/2016 - 15:05


Re: Re: Dress vs Sport
08/30/2016 - 15:58

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

I resemble the "bumping into things" comment, since I am also prone to the same.

I wish more styles came with the stainless steel case option.


Even in vintage
08/30/2016 - 16:19

the movements of dress wristwatches weren't necessarily more fragile than sports models.  Dan pointed out the 1120 ultrathin automatic that saw service in dress and "sporty" watches, where the rotor was cleverly supported around its periphery to give stability.  Also the 1003 ultrathin manual movement was considered resistant to shocks even without traditional shock protection on the balance staff because its lightweight components had such low inertia they wouldn't be affected by all but the most severe handling.  OTOH, their slim designs with snapback cases weren't as moisture-resistant as the sports watches, and of course no faraday cage to resist magnetism.

Now in the modern realm, the new steel QdI seems to represent the best of both worlds although with its 30m WR the bias is more dress than sports.

You're much more the adventurer and outsdoorsman than I am Dean
08/30/2016 - 17:35

I think you might find these links interesting:

VC states 30 meters water resistance is sufficient for surface swimming:



And based on the following post on TimeZone a few years ago, VC is being conservative:


http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=msg&th=1957676&rid=0#msg_6591075     I used to be an aerospace engineer, specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Chaos Theory.  I agree with what the initial TZ poster says, though numbers needed to be corrected by the last poster in that thread.  This applies to new watches IMO.   Vintage watches are different and unless they've been restored properly and with new seals, then tested for water resistance...I would not trust them in the water.
Re: Dress vs Sport
08/30/2016 - 17:22

I wear Vacheron Constantin Quai De I'Ile in stainless steel case . It looks like a dress but can be worn in anything you like as well . It bears 30 meters water resistance that's good for swimming pools too . However , even when showering I take it off due to leather strap .It has also available with rubber band . 

I have a penchant much more for sport watches too . 


Wearing for Dress Watches for Myself
08/31/2016 - 02:00

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer programming or writing or watching Netflix....and my attire in the summer is a pair of shorts,  t-shirt and a dress watch. (When it gets colder, the shorts are replaced by fleece sweats and the t-shirt by a wool shirt or sweater ....and a dress watch.) When I go out into bumping into things territory, I wear my Overseas. The end result is that I can wear my dress watches for myself. I don't go to that many dress formal occasions except for a few a year plus cruises; so if I don't wear my 72 or Calatrava or Grande Osmior Mécanique Extra-Plate while safely puttering in my room; they don't get much wear.

Outside...my Habring2 or Overseas can take a stainless steel bump or two. Dan once asked me how many different watches I wear a day...answer: As many as possible!