Dual Time Regulateur versus Jubilee 240

As a newcomer to The Hour Lounge I hope you will all excuse me from starting with a question...

Having been bitten once I am wondering if I should submit to temptation...again?

About 6 years ago I visited London to buy a Seadweller I'd had on order for months but, to my shock, found myself purchasing an almost new YG Regulateur which I then managed to ding (the edge of the case) within 3 months and sold it back to the retailer losing 45% in the process!!!

I liked the unusual dial layout of the Regulateur but through the case a little deep, which I think might have helped me to ding the poor thing..

Ever since then I've been wearing a Seadweller with no fear of bumping and damaging it, despite it's size on my relatively slim wrists (which are not huge)!

BUT I'm now tempted again, this time by a Jubilee 240 in YG with all it's papers. box etc...it will cost be a little less than the Regulateur but I like it's design and shape very much, however I am concerned about its size and shape on my wrist (given my previous accident) so wondered if any of you could share your observations, views, feelings regarding the relative merits of a Jubilee 240 versus Regulateur?

Cheers, Stuart
Re: Dual Time Regulateur versus Jubilee 240
12/03/2009 - 18:50
I have a Jubilee 240 although not a Regulator. I like it very much, the size, the tonneau shape and the uncomplicated dial. It sits quite flat on the wrist so maybe it would be less likely to get dinged. It is a bit smaller though. Good luck, Joseph
Dings will happen!
12/04/2009 - 05:25
Welcome to the Lounge Stuart. I can appreciate your concern but unfortunately there is nothing much we can do about these things. Slim watches that fit into a shirt cuff are probably less prone to dings but, then again, you are not in the market for a slim watch this time around. A bigger watch presents a bigger area for dinging but that goes with the territory...and dings will happen (even with a slim or tiny watch)! My advice is to go for the watch you like (because not doing so because of a concern that might not even materialize (if you are lucky) would be too much of a pity IMHO). Good luck and let us know how things go. All the best, Kazumi
Welcome to the Lounge Stuart, I don't have experience with
12/04/2009 - 11:07
either the Jubilee 240 or the Regulateur but one thing I can say is that don't let dings and scratches stop you from getting a watch you like as these things happen no matter what! Keep us posted on your choice