Europastar joins our Press Corner

I'm proud to announce that one of the industrie's most respected watch magazines : Switzerland based Europastar has agreed to join The Hour Lounge Press Corner by supplying us with articles on Vacheron Constantin printed in Europastar.

A heartfelt thank you to Pierre Maillard and Sophie Furley for their support and trust.

The first three articles can be found on Press Corner:

- The Patrimony Traditionnelle: Published in August 2007:

- Human and watchmaking patrimony: Published in June 2007:

- Vacheron Constantin: Strenghthening its Codes: Published in April 2006:

Thanks Alex!!
11/17/2007 - 16:41

Very interesting articles… out of which two comments:

1) I am very happy to read that there will be 2 other sets of 4 pieces in “Les Masques”  collection… I missed out on the first set, but maybe I’ll be tempted for the 2nd and 3rd. I am not expecting this (and call me a Nerd if you want!), but it would be nice to have one with Darth Vader’s helmet

2) What is the main difference between the Patrimony Traditionelle and the Patrimony Contemporaine models? Is it only that the  Contemporain models are using ultra-thin movements? And to have two different sub-collections within one, doesn’t that go against VC’s brand strategy (opposite of what is happening to the Malte collection…) Cheers,


Check out the Aticles section on my SIHH 2007 write up for an
11/17/2007 - 17:43

explanation on the difference between the two Patrimony ranges. The major diffrenece with the Malte models is that the Patrimony Contemporaine and Traditionnelle are both round.

This is what VC has to say about the 2 models

Patrimony Traditionnelle: This line is inspired by the aesthetic values which have characterised some of Vacheron Constantin’s most beautiful historical models. As well as expressing purity and precision, this new line embodies the fundamental values which are cherished by connoisseurs and distinguish the Manufacture’s most exclusive pieces. A fine bezel, knurling around the caseback, which features a screw-down sapphire crystal, facetted trapezoid hour-markers – double at 12 and 6 o’clock – historically inspired dauphine hands and dials in several silvered tones, a case and tiered horns with clean, straight lines: the aesthetic features of the Traditional Patrimony line, expressed in a contemporary idiom, remind us that tradition and modernity go hand in hand at Vacheron Constantin. Patrimony Contemporaine: Distinguished by their purity and unpretentious refinement, the models in the Patrimony Contemporaine line express the values that have established Vacheron Constantin’s reputation over the centuries. Sophistication and elegance are conveyed through the slender cases inspired by the ultra-thin models which have characterised the history of Vacheron Constantin for over half a century. The distinguishing features of the models in this line are its taut curves, slim profiles, large diameters, slender trapezoid hour-markers, baton hands, domed dials and a minute-track beaded with gold cabochons. If they can be considered pure Vacheron Constantin timepieces, it is because they powerfully convey the refined sense of aesthetics which the Manufacture has made its very own.

cheers dude!
11/18/2007 - 13:14

I was being lazy asking the question, I should have done the research before...