Excellence Platine Collection Question

Every year, VC pushes the concept of the Excellence Platine collection a little bit further...
In this year's models, the tread used to sew the strap will be partly in platinum, a feature that wasn't part of the previous models in the collection. I'm thinking I would really like to get my hands on such a strap for my 47212, and so I was wondering, if someone owns an EP model, whether it be the Malte Chrono or the Patrimony, is he entitled to buy some of the new "gizmoz" (for lack of a better wordExcellence Platine Collection Question) designed for this specific Collection?
I'm going to give a call to VC, but I was just curious if any of the Loungers knew the answer to the question...


Re: Excellence Platine Collection Question
09/01/2008 - 02:12
Hi Francois, My understanding is that owners of specific VC models can order replacement straps specific to their watches.  Therefore, owners of EP collection models should be able to order a replacement strap for their watch or watches.  I have the impression, though, that VC would prefer not to have a mix and match culture of watches and straps as they would like to protect the original integrity of the design and intentions of the manufacture.  Personally, I see pros and cons to this and it is absolutely the brand's perogative to follow this philosophy.  I, for one, am glad that people are not constantly changing the "shoes" of their VC watches as they do with other brands' watches.  On the other hand, I know a number of folks who would love to use the new VC rubber strap on their current Overseas piece but so far, it is only available for the US Limited Edition. These are just my thoughts and Alex can probably give you a more definitive answer to your question. Cheers, duncan
Thanks Duncan for your reply
09/01/2008 - 13:51
I knew that VC doesn't like to mix and match culture of watches... I was just wondering if a watch was part of the EP collection, "updating" the strap would be seen by VC as destroying the integrity of the design, or since it is part of the same family it would be acceptable... I'll let you know once I hear back from them.
i will ask but not sure that the mega extra premium which will
09/02/2008 - 02:04
certainly be asked is really worth it!!!!
It all depends on what "extra mega premium" means...
09/02/2008 - 17:06
if the premium is associated to the price of the strap, even if it is 100%-200% premium, considering the price paid for the watch I'm sure I'll survive. But I think the look could be quite cool... Cheers
Re: It all depends on what "extra mega premium" means...
09/03/2008 - 01:17
Never challenge a luxury watch brand on the topic of "extra mega premium" because their ideas can truly exceed anything that we can imagine... Good luck Francois!  I hope that the answer does not cause cardiac arrest. Cheers, Duncan
Wise words, Duncan, wise words... :-) (nt).
09/03/2008 - 11:56