is this a fake?!

please help me out and let me know if this is fake?! thanks you!is this a fake?!is this a fake?!is this a fake?!
09/08/2009 - 22:51
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09/10/2009 - 03:51
Looks fake to me!!
09/09/2009 - 01:05
The "hits" just keep on coming :-( nt
09/09/2009 - 03:17
1000% FAKE (nt)
09/09/2009 - 04:30
Re: is this a fake?!
09/09/2009 - 08:00
Absolutely and without question!
what element could have made you think for 1 second that this is real?
09/09/2009 - 11:21
I'm sure you never thought it is genuine
Oh come on.............With apologies to Shady Joe.................
09/09/2009 - 14:36

To assist you in the future................. here are 15 ways for you to be sure whether or not it's authentic.  You know it's a fake VC when: --It comes in a Cracker Jack box --You're not sure if the metal is WG or aluminum or possibly tin --Even you hate the way it looks --The Maltese Cross is bigger than a bread box and to the left or right of the tourbillion --You notice people are smiling or even laughing when you're talking to them --The strap is worth more than the watch --The "Made in China" on the back is not your confirmation of authenticity as VC is surely not there --The kid at the lemonade stand up the street won't take it on a trade for a luke warm glass of lemonade --You ask someone if they'd like to check out your new VC and they say "No Thanks" --The guy that sold it to you couldn't keep a straight face when you tried it on

--He was runnning in the opposite direction when he wished you luck with your new purchase --Your wife or girlfriend asks you if you're alright when she sees it --Your wrist begins to turn green after you wear it for only an hour --Someone asks you "which way is East" when they see it on your wrist --The minute display can double as a make-up mirror or if you need to start a fire you can just simply angle it up to the sun. Anyway, just some food for thought. Tom

You crack me up Tom! :-)) (nt)
09/09/2009 - 15:42
Dan; nice to hear from you! Thanks!
09/09/2009 - 16:30
ROTFLMAO Fantastic :-) nt
09/09/2009 - 17:33
Alex, I apologize for being a little behind the curve but.........
09/09/2009 - 18:03
can you translate that one for me? Tom
Roll On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off :-) (nt)
09/09/2009 - 18:09
You learn something new.............
09/09/2009 - 22:14
every day!  Thanks Alex! Tom
Re: Roll On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off :-) (nt)
09/10/2009 - 13:45
Stop the world, I wanna get off! I've seen enough!!
I think this is a limited edition for the Turkish (flea) market (nt)
09/09/2009 - 15:00
How limited and how Turkish is that? ;-))) nt
09/09/2009 - 18:41
Not limited enough!! You should know, my friend. (nt)
09/10/2009 - 04:11
Then, I should be the one chasing after it, right buddy? ;-))) (nt)
09/10/2009 - 21:38
Not even a fake, a tragedy nt
09/10/2009 - 00:06
LOL! That's a good one sir... (nt)
09/10/2009 - 03:40
Re: is this a fake?!
09/10/2009 - 03:51
I hate to be a wet blanket folks and at the risk of sounding preachy, I don't think this gentleman will be back to soon for any more advice, which of course is a pity. Enough said. JB
No it is not a Fake : all those guys are jealous !!
09/10/2009 - 19:17
Good news and congratulations: this is not a Fake : all previous posts are from jealous people !!! It is a magnificent piece of s..t, I mean of arts ! This is such an expensive watch you should put it for sale at an auction : please find the best I know : Metropolitan Police Service New Scotland Yard Broadway London SW1H 0BG or another one great one: INTERPOL General Secretariat 200, quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon France Fax: +33 (0)4 72 44 71 63 Good luck ! Berny
What I always suspected! All our V&C's are fakes!
09/11/2009 - 22:34
Thanks Berny, now we know how the real stuff looks. We have been investing for decades in fakes Please give me a real one, like these And These are two exaples that for an amateur looks quite nice. Only 150 $ each This really terrifying if compared with some other fakes.. Or are they the originals Have god time Bern Doc