Family Reunion

Following tirewatchwer's post on his gorgeous linen-dial 6694, I'd like to continue the theme!!

When is a 6694 "Batman" not a 6694?  When it becomes a 7262 "Sinatra" Family Reunion.  My 7262 just returned from a factory restoration to join it's older brother who went to the spa last year.  As with most families, the older brother acts more grown-up and wears a business suit.  While younger brother is all flash and dash and eager to show it.

Family Reunion

Younger brother was born in 1966 as a yellow gold Chronometre Royal 6694 on a strap, and was converted at the factory a year later with the addition of a diamond dial and "grains of barley" bracelet.  The lugs were decorated with a hammered guilloche to match the bracelet and the whole creation was assigned a new reference number: 7262.  Inside beats a Gyromax calibre 1072/1 movement.

Older brother came into the world in 1963 as an already special white gold Chronometre Royal 6694 containing a calibre 1072 with swan-neck fine regulator.  Not one for cosmetic surgery, older brother wears his conservative suit proudly.  It is a happy reunion Family Reunion.
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Nice watches, nice pics by a nice guy
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Wonderful shot of two VC models that I, to be honest,not are a fan of. On the other hand so many other are, so it doesn't matter The text is very nice and describing. Wear them in health, and yes, the steel I have started to like and the diamond version, is so cool so it passes too, so what am I writing? That these are nice watches, never to late to change, or  Take care Doc

Thanks Doc
04/23/2009 - 08:06
I appreciate that, as you say, we are never too old to change!  Maybe some day I'll become fond of square case watches . I look at one for serious business and one for fun!  But to be honest, I'm not especially attracted to the 6694 over anything else - it's really the period of 1950 to 1970 that I treasure.  The calibre 1072 is my favorite and I now have three! Although I must admit to a bit of a mystery now that I have certificates of authenticity for both watches.  One appears to have the date of manufacture wrong and the other has an incorrect description for the movement.  Inquiries have been made! 
One simple question Dean
04/23/2009 - 15:15
which year were you born? I have an idea sailing up in my old brain Doc
I think I know where you are going...
04/24/2009 - 01:34
and yes, my DOB does match my period of interest .   You too?
I'm trying to use my utmost welltrained
04/24/2009 - 19:51
brain so if there are a certain periods for people of cerain age. I have a theory that you who are younger than I am, likes watches closer to you, and that I like watches longer from me. Sounds difficult. It is. Will be a post. Give me just your age anfd I'll explain in a post! Doc
Re: Family Reunion
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Very nice set, Dean, The gold with with the bracelet and diamonds is quite appealing. Its quite masculine and bold despite the diamonds Very nice. Congrats. I hope your wrist isn't too hairy, though. Thats the kind of bracelet that will, as the French say, "dépouiller" when the hairs get caught in those links Wear them in good health, Joseph
Good Advice
04/23/2009 - 08:13
Thanks for the warning Joseph!  Perhaps I should just wear it on the outside of my shirt cuff...I'm surprised in this day of oversized watches that has not become the fashion .  Or I could wax my arms.... I'm really impressed with how sensitive the factory was to my wishes not to "over-restore" the Sinatra watch.  They left the original brushed finish mostly intact, as it was very good to begin with.  It probably made their job more difficult but the results are really worth it from my POV .
Yes Joseph,
04/23/2009 - 15:20
those bracelets can be a real pain, but as the old saying goes: "One has to go through a great deal for one's apperance" Hej, Mats
I've had it with you guys...
04/23/2009 - 11:44
Now I dream of Batman at night and feel that I REALLY need one