A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB

Dear Loungers,

Joseph has spent a considerable amount of time making a screensaver / film highlighting the brand's history, achievments and featuring certain (awsome) pieces from his collection.

To download screensaver please click on the link below (its a pretty big file so it may take some time)


Important notice:

Once you clicl on the link (or cut and paste on your browser, you will then be redirected to the Rapidshare web site, scroll down the page and click on the type of download : Free

You will be then redirected to another page which looks as if you need to pay something but it is not the case. Just wait for the Download ticket download to count down (about 2 minutes)

I wanted to thank Joseph for his kind gesture...this is what the Lounge is all about: sharing A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB

Re: A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB
01/21/2008 - 16:07

Thanks for the kind words, Alex

Most of the sites I found that allow large files up/downloads require submitting the potential recipient's emails.

But this weekend I found 2 that don't.

I've uploaded the file to one of them already. I will post a link this afternoon (EST) which should work without having to send me your email address.

Hopefully it will work.

Regards to all


Re: Re: A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB
01/21/2008 - 16:16

You can try this link.

Its a fairly big file, about 60000K.




thanks Joseph I posted the link in my original post (nt)
01/21/2008 - 16:19


What to do with the File
01/21/2008 - 16:31

Once you have the file, just copy it to your sytem32 folder  ( ie c:\windows\system32\ )

The screensaver file will show up when you open the "Dispay" icon in the Control Panel.

Just click on it and set your parameters and you're all set.

But you already knew all this



Thanks a lot JB!!!
01/21/2008 - 18:07

....although I might not be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor... I have a Mac and so I don't think it will work

I did try to open it, but the .scr file doesn't seem to be recognized my Mac... Shame, I would have liked to see some further pics of your amazing collection...


Re: Thanks a lot JB!!!
01/21/2008 - 19:39

I apologize. I don't have a Mac. But I will ask my kids. However, The newer Macs allow you to run windows also.



you've done enough...
01/21/2008 - 20:02

..I'll get in contact witht he Mac guys - I will post the technical solution if there is one...

I can only imagine the time it took you to do this. Great job and
01/21/2008 - 19:31

thank you so much

Joseph Blankier: You did a great job on this! ...
01/21/2008 - 20:47

Great details full of love and emotions and nice music in the background.

Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!


ps: Hard to work on the computer when you know that there will be something great if you don´t do anything on it. It is like meditation

astounding work Joseph, thank you for your hard work and sharing it
01/21/2008 - 21:24

with us.

Amazing work Joseph. The marriage between the music and pictures was
01/21/2008 - 22:34

fantastic. The talent on this board is truly impressive.

two thumbs up! Amazing work and thank you so much for sharing NT
01/22/2008 - 12:37


Thanks Joseph, its terrific, yet troublesome at the same time
01/22/2008 - 14:41

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the great work and amount of effort you put into the screensaver, as well as the generosity in sharing it with all of us.   You also have a wonderful collection!

The only quip I have is that I don't want to disturb my computer anymore as it will take away the screensaver and I can't admire your VCs! 

BR, Dan

Re: A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB
01/22/2008 - 18:08

Many thanks to all for their very kind comments.

It started out as a small personal projects since I wanted a VC screensaver and wanted something a little more personal than what was available. Then it sort of got out of hand and 3 months later...

i do appreciate eveyones kind words. It makes it all worthwhile.


Re: A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB
01/22/2008 - 22:10

Why is this wonderful gesture from Joesph Blankier no surprise?

For those of you that don't know Joe you're missing some one special.

Joseph is the last of a dying breed: A true gentleman and a scholar.

My very best regards, Miki

Re: Re: A fantastic gift from Joseph Blankier aka JB
01/23/2008 - 03:06

Hi Miki,

Thanks for the very kind comments. Tu es tres gentil!

But when I mentioned your comments to a friend, he said you should get a second opinion!

By the way, you left out "Rennaisance Man" ...just kidding


Many thanks JB!! Can't wait to see it!! File hosting servers:
01/23/2008 - 22:25

JB, I can't wait to check your stuff out. From what other people said it looks fantastic!!

As for file sharing, there are numerous file hosting servers out there. Rapidshare is one of them, but there is also megaupload, filefactory, sendspace, bugupload, etc....

For some of them you need to split the files in smaller sizes, like 50MB (not a problem with winrar or winzip or hjsplit).

Thanks again!!