FAO: Alex or Patrimony Dept


I have posted several times, all rather selfishly about the origins of my watch! Here you can see my last thread, which also links to my previous threads.


This post is because private messages give me a time out error and this forum is really the only method I know of contacting yourselves.

You should currently be in possession of my watch, as it was sent some time back to VC in Switzerland. Although I've heard no news from anyone, I wanted to make a small request from those at VC.

You're getting me the movement number and then sending the watch back, so I can take the movement number and send it to your partimony dept to find out more information on my watch.

Seeing as the watch will now be in your possession, is it not possible to give all the required information directly to patrimony and have them check the origins and send everything you have back with the watch please?

I'd appreciate it if you could acknowledge that you have the watch as well, because sending something that valuable is not something I've done before and is starting to give me the jitters! :)