a few pics for doc

to keep him happy :)


a few pics for doc

And a picture of Grumpy, Happy, and Doc. Maybe as a "before and after" once we post more pics here ;)

a few pics for doc

this is what Doc looks like when he gets scans of watches
05/08/2007 - 00:13

Great looking watch Nico, I can see where VC got inspiration for the Patyrimony Traditionnelle dial!

That's a watch that made my day :-)
05/08/2007 - 01:41

Thanks Nico,

it's a real classic VC in superb condition!


I'll remeber it until my ticking Kullberg makes fall asleep,

(and Churchill's "War  Speeches" by Charles Eade)  :-)

Good Night,


Well, all I have left are the pictures
05/08/2007 - 18:10

I haven't seen my watch for over 6 months... It is being serviced in Switzerland.

I actually have to say I was pretty upset by the service from Vacheron...

I dropped the watch off in New York at Wempe over ThanksGiving (first time in New York), to have it serviced. (no ADs anywhere near where I live). After a few weeks (2 months) and several phone calls (VC wouldn't deal with me since Wempe sent the watch), Wempe sent me an email that the watch needs to go to Switzerland for service. OK so far as I expected this.

By that time I had also the VC reference number for my watch so I could call them about it.

Then  5-6 weeks later, I get an estimate from VC in Switzerland for the repair cost. Very expensive, but again, I kind of expected that. But what really gets me is that it was absolutely impossible for me to find out what work needed to be done on the watch and what they were going to do with it. I will probably never find out either.

I was always on the phone with people who really didn't seem to give a crap about it.

Secondly, I wanted to throw in a certificate of authenticity as the watch was going to be in Switzerland anyway.

And this is where it gets really good (not). They send me an estimate for the certificate of $1346 !!!!!!!!!!!! ?!?!?!

I called them and asked them to check their own website where it clearly states that this costs 850 CHF (about $700). After several days, I get back an estimate of $950 for the certificate... ?!? What the hell??

By that time I was completly fed up with the whole thing so I said OK. Then I get on the 15th of March a letter from Wempe telling me the repair will be finished by the 7th of february 2008!!!

I just wanted to bang my head against the walls and strangle someone. This was by far way over the "your watch will be back in 6 months" they told me when I handed over my watch at Wempe.

When I called VC about this length of repair, the woman was actually very nice and told me that they usually don't take so long and have been getting better with the timings. Now it is a waiting game.....

I was young and foolish. I have to say that I was completly horrified by the whole experience, with basically no-one out there to help at all or even care. The fact that even after I told them to check their own website VC still didn't give me the fair price for the certificate of authenticity just simply boggles me...

I don't know what experiences you guys have with servicing at VC, but I would certainly think about it twice or three times before I do this again. I'd rather go to some reputable watchmaker somewhere. I was very disapointed by the whole thing. I know VC (and everybody else too) doesn't make money from the vintage watches (although VC is starting a bit), but I don't think that justifies this. I had the feeling that everybody was just taking me for a ride...

Anyway, I stop here. I can't wait to have the watch back :-)

Come on, cheer up !
05/09/2007 - 09:24

My DTR just stopped suddenly in september 2006, 15 months after I bought it!

The rotor was sticked in one position.

Couldn't move it.

Sent to my nearest AD, and they sent to Geneva.

After about 5 months it was back.

No cost for the repair, even though guarantee is 12 months!

After several years I managed to get a very special and limited(125 pieces) GP.

New, but three years old and no guarantee.

Third time I did wind it, the mainspring went....

No AD in ths country, but with wonderful help from Peter CDE,

I sent it to GP in Münich, who are the general agent for Germany,

and have authorised watch makers by GP.

They still sent it to GP in Switzerland,

since it's a special movement in this watch.

After about 4-6 months I had it back.

Changed mainspring and serviced (!) and NO cost !

So, there are benefits of buying the real stuff,

from first class firms,

and yes, it takes time,

but they comes back, and you know that the job is first class done !

So, one day you write the happy post!

I'm already waiting :-)


But you got free repairs!!
05/09/2007 - 17:01

That's not fair!! :)

I am paying a woping $1100 for the fraking repair and $950 for the certificate ($250 more than what their own website says it should cost)!!!!

I mean, I am doubling the cost of the watch... although it looks like even simple VC vintage watches are going up at auction estimates.

If it was free I would be all praise and glory too :)

Where do you get your vintage VCs serviced?

The problem is that with such a low dollar anything out of the
05/09/2007 - 17:23

US becomes damn expensive!

Depending on the repairs $1100 may not be that expensive if many parts need to be replaced or actually remade.