Finally a site without he falderal!

Finally a site without he falderal!

I choose this day for this particular post for very personal reasons.

That being said I am very proud to be an Hour Lounger.

Although I originally met some of you on another site, this one suits me best.

Most unfortunately the very well read and professionally administered site I speak of is polluted with " better that thee" folks.

I'll be eternally grateful for my initial introduction to "The Don" (Alex), Tessio (Doc), Clemenza (WHL) and Tom (Dino).

Even more importan the new, most interesting and enjoyable, eclectic group of fellow watch lovers especially Vacheron.

Although my first and longest passion will always be Omega and my first "Big Three" purchase was Patek, I love Vacheron.

My biggest disappointment with our favorite brand is their lack of staying in touch with those that loved them from the start.

Those being an older well-to-do generation that choose the highest quality, manual, simple easy to read timekeeper.

Most unfortunately if us "old timers" want an affordable (under 20K) high quality timepiece there's a Patek #5119 or #5124. 

All of my fellow Loungers please accept most most heart felt and personal regards, Miki aka Luca   Love this Watch!

Funnily I was discussing the crazy prices on the watch market no later
05/08/2008 - 09:41

than yesterday with a watch exec (not from VC) and he had some very interesting comments which I will share soon (I'm in a rush right now but as Arnold would say "I'll be Back "

Generally however Miki having a nice time only under 20k is not difficult however add a complication no matter how small and your wallet will take a hit! The very low $ isn't helping either

PS: Its great having you here

Isn't that true Miki
05/08/2008 - 10:43

once is a while you get one but not every other post.  Nice watch and must remember not to get you upset

P.S. I had to go look up falderal

Missed you Miki,
05/08/2008 - 17:02

this Club is empty without you participating  

So I really was pleased to see you back

This are not a watch, but some of you,

who perhaps both smoke, drink and eat meat ,

could perhaps see the beauty of real craftmanship!

This is a Mannlicher .308, as close as you can come to Vacheron&Constantin,

considering weapons