Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

I shared with you some months ago photos of a friend Fantaspip (Laurent) who owns a magnificent Quai de l'île Day Date, full Palladium.  They were not my photos credit them to Fantaspip if you use these ones, please.

I finally met Laurent and tried his Quai de l'île.
This time I did my own photos which are quite worse, but we have few time and were in a shop.

I tried a lot of marvels this day:
A Datograph platinum (impressive quality), a Patek 5712 rose gold, a 1815 Moonphase rose Gold, a Lange perpetual calendar, a Patek 10 days 5100 rose gold with grey dial, a Patek Wordltime 5130 rose Gold, and a Breguet chronograph 3237 (older version in 35mm)...
I was exhausted and my eyes were hurting in the end, but what a day!

But the one which I loved the most was the QDI day date palladium.Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
The other which I loved was the small Breguet chronograph, very surprised by the charm of this little chrono.Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

But let's go back to the subject.

-1 The caseThis is what strikes first: it is magnificentFinally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
Contrary to Vacheron usual case it is complex with a lot of edges.
In palladium there is this very nice effect of polish/brushed metal.
I am very ken on proportion, this is the first rule to draw something imho.
Here they are just perfect.
Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

-2 The dial 
This is where opinions divide most of the time.
Though very complex to realize, the dial doesn't feel like luxury but like sporty.
I must say I like that but some other don't.
The only point I regret a litlle is the Hands. Maybe another shape and colour could have help.
The shape of the hand is too simple and the colour doesn't help the main problem of this watch.
In this day-date version the infos are really difficult to read, whatever the dial version.
A friend of mine told me after his try, "I don't know where to focus my eyes". Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
I understand him, eyes are more interrested in looking at the movement than reading time on this watch.
This is the only big problem of that watch imho.
But staring at it is just amazing, so many details to look at. On the dial and under.

This solution is completely ok with this model, modern and different from the other horological production. Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

Excellent Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
Despite the "big" size it goes perfectly on the wrist, even on mine which cannot bear more than 40mm and is more adapted to 35mm, no kidding I have a ridiculous wrist.
Really well done, that was my biggest fear and it passed this difficult exam, very few big watches can tell the same !
Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

Superb on both side.Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
The gold rotor with the Grey mat treatment gives it a modern and sporty appearance.
Some people told me it looks like plastic.
A bit like the dial, it looks sporty and I think it perfectly fit with the complete watch concept. But this is also a point where opinions are diverging.

"Presence" (don't know the english word for that) and finish are amazing ! Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
I will have to try the simple date version, maybe it is more readable. 
(Dear Mr Ghotbi... Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date)

A complete Ufo that I already loved, and after the try of this burning ring, I went down down down and the flame got higher. 
(thanks to Johnny Cash and the radio this morning Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date)

Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date
Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

What a pity that I have to give it back to his owner.Finally tried the Quai de l'île Day Date

Best regard

great photos and write up! Agree on the hands, the design is
11/16/2009 - 17:26
in my opinion too pedestrian but then again if they were too original it would have become way too much. The hands will also be changed next year and will be black so legibility will be bettered.
That's good news !
11/16/2009 - 18:05
But as stubborn as I am, I still believe Vacheron has some design talent to make something pure and bold for the design of the hands.
Thanks for the write up, the QDI is a fantastic watch and I love
11/16/2009 - 19:07
this one
Like a kid in a candy store
11/16/2009 - 19:46
Sounds and looks like you had fun. Very nice to read and see. All the watches you mentioned are quite formidable, nut what makes the star of the message special IMO is its distinct ability to combine the very best of haute horlogerie with modern properties. Many watch companies attempt this, sometimes rather succesfully and othertimes resulting in miniature alien-ships-look-a-like creation (in gold, no less). This model combines the two world in quite possibly the best way I've seen in a while. And now that the serious part is over - doesn't everyone need a few hours at a watch shop...
11/16/2009 - 20:25
It is exactly what it was, "a kid in a candy store". I completely agree with your points. Most of the time very modern watch do not respect the basic of designs. That's why I am very keen on proportions on the wrist. Balance is the basis. There are marvellous modern watch but none have that balance. Richard Mille for example have nice modern watch but most of them are just too thick. I cannot imagine wear one of these. Some have hazardous design, some are not bold enough... etc etc The Royal Oak is a marvel for that but the design is no more modern, just a classic seen for more than 30 years now. Some Brand or independant goes to sizes that can't fit on everybody's wrist, most of the time it is ridiculous. This QdI have it all. I like watches which have personnality, charm and balance. And for modern ther is no other choice imho and for my taste that the QdI. It has its personnality, and incredible balance. PS: That's also what appealed to me in the charming little Breguet, not the impressive quality of a Datograph, but a perfect balance and the incredible charm spoke to my heart more thant the Lange.
Re: Exactly
11/16/2009 - 20:59
Nice to be agreed with. Forgot what that feels like... The ever expanding case size is indeed troubling. We'll all be wearing Atmos-es in the end (everyone kindly forgive the JLC reference). Second, I personallly think it's moore impressive when the big manufactures dabble with experimantal/especially modern models, as you then get a unique combination of history and innovation, that you don't get with the independents. Besides, I think it takes a long history to be able to successfully creat true modern classics. Only VC can give birth to the QDI Palladium, only JLC to the Gyrotourbillion and only PP to the Sky Moon celestial tourbillion (innovative in design by PP standards, if you think about it). Full Disclosure: I love the civilized debate about watches. Unparalled.
this is what haute horology of the 21s century looks like! nt
11/16/2009 - 23:03
Great report, Cisco! I absolutely agree with you on most of the points
11/16/2009 - 23:07
I do agree that a power reserve model's dial is a bit too clutterd (thus poorer legibility) but the superb movement and its details make it all up... Contrary to your opinion, I like the hands on QdI - simple and on a sportier side... I don't mind them at all! All in all, QdI is my favorite Vacheron of all and it has been on top of my wishlist for way too long now  
Well Radek I sure hope you'll be able to rectify this untenable
11/18/2009 - 01:44
situation soon!
I sure do hope so, too Francois...
11/18/2009 - 14:44
but just look at my profile motto. It has been haunting me lately and explains why I haven't gotten my QdI yet  
It's only a matter of time, that I know for sure ;-) (nt)
11/19/2009 - 01:08
Thanks Francois for the great report
11/18/2009 - 01:57
Like many Loungers, I share your evident passion for this watch... I really like your wristshot from the side, that demonstrate how well the watch sits on the wrist. I agree with most of your points, and you are right, the simple version is a lot easier to read... I disagree with you on 3 points: 1) I wouldn't call the look of the watch 'sporty', but rather 'trendy' (for lack of a better word)... I feel that it is very much a designer watch, and I see myself wearing it while on a night out in a swanky restaurant/ club, rather than wearing it with sweat pants and kicking a ball around. Maybe we're on the same page, and I just didn't get your meaning of 'sporty'... 2) I do like the current hands (and I for one prefer the current silver hands to the black ones coming out soon) 3) I do wish that the rotor would have been finished in a more elaborate way. I do agree that it fits the style of the watch, but it is too simple IMO... Cheers, Francois
late answer
11/20/2009 - 16:37
Sorry to answer that late. Imho I just oppose "sporty" to "luxury" appearance. Luxury doens't mean better finish here, it just means shining and "dressed". Maybe I should have said "casual"? I perfectly agree that it isn't a sports watch but a designer watch, I didn' know how to explain correctly my feelings about. Is it more clear?  I barely understand what I just wrote cheers François