First Vacheron Constantin Watch

I have very recently discovered the world of VC and the huge variety of different models produced.

Reading up on many of the posts I decided to choose for my first VC watch a model based on the 1003 calibre and I found a vintage model which I think dates back to the 1970's.

The model number is: 33220

Case Number: 580075

Movement: 1003/1

I have posted a few images of the watch for reference.

I have not found any more details about this model but the case appears to be similar to the 33094 model produced around 1999.

If anybody has any information about the date or details of this model I would be pleased to hear from them.  Also does anybody know the difference between the 1003 movement and the 1003/1?

The watch is due to arrive tomorrow so I am excited about wearing my first VC watch.



Its likely from the 80s
04/05/2016 - 23:29

at least the case number points to the mid to late 1980s, but our moderator Alex can't check until you also provide the movement number.  As far as the distinction between calibers 1003 and 1003/1, I'd love to know as well.  This question was submitted to the Patrimony Deptartment some years ago but AFAIK there hasn't been a response.  Both designations appeared with 17 jewels and Geneva Seal, then at some time the 1003/1 was upgraded to 18 jewels, followed by the /2 with 18 jewels, /3 was the newest in-house movement also 18 jewels, and /4 in latest iteration.  

According to Dan's post on the Chinese site, this last change of designation was occasioned by the addition of "Au750" engraved on the plate.

Its likely from the 80s

Your reading Chinese now? :-) (nt)
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勤思敏学 :-). (nt)
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Re: 勤思敏学 :-). (nt)
04/06/2016 - 18:03

yes learning the ways of V&C together my friend

Re: Its likely from the 80s
04/18/2016 - 17:07


The movement number is 730131.

The case number is 580075

I have since a very similar case design with a stepped bezel and fluted lugs in the 1989/90 catalog number 33094 and this also used the 1003 movement although I think this used 18 jewels in the movement.

Hopefully you will be able to trace this model.

Do you also know how I can find out the original strap design?