First Visit to NYC Boutique

This morning I decided to wander up Madison Avenue to have a look at the new VC NYC Boutique.  They had just opened an hour earlier and I had the surprise pleasure of being greeted by Hugues de Pins, President of VC North America, and several of the other wonderful staff as I walked into the beautiful space .  The new limited edition Overseas QP Chronograph had just arrived and it is as stunning in person as in the photos we have seen.  The new limited edition American 1921 was also in residence, and looking great.  The 2755 piece unique will arrive in a month or two.

Here is a rather spontaneous photo of Andre, the manager of the boutique, in front of one of the displays.  The man in the background is the resident watchmaker, who will be able to provide some factory VC service locally in NYC. It does not do justice the lovely interior of the boutique.

Stay tuned for some upcoming events. . . and photos from better photographers.

First Visit to NYC Boutique

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I can't wait to visit!
07/26/2011 - 22:13

Thanks for posting these teaser photos.



The Packard Watch
07/26/2011 - 23:33
I am not sure if it was previously announced, but I confirmed today that VC was the winning bidder of the Packard half quarter (7.5 min) repeater that sold at Christies last month for $1.8M. I will leave it to the company to announce when and where it may be exhibited, but at least we know it will not be locked away from our admiring eyes.
Ah Ha!
07/27/2011 - 08:09

Great scoop!  VC is serious about their collection laugh.

Personally reflection about NYC Boutique avertisment.
07/27/2011 - 03:15

I have received several peronal emails from long and well standing Hour lounge members.

They like me wonders, if this articles and some similar articles before, doesn't touch and embarrass the good wiil of our forum.

All of them has the same thoughts, and have asked me to write a post, pointing at that we should try to avoid it at our site.


Sure it's news, but it's more PR for a new Vacheron&Constantin boutique.

Very nice pictures and intersting watches, at least for me, one of them, smiley

but we should perhaps think twice? blush

Just my two kronor and for the others cents, euros, lire etc...

Sorry but true cool



To me it feels more like watching a friend's career progress.
07/27/2011 - 09:05

This is a major step for Vacheron and to me it feels as if we are being invited to share in its celebration. I do not think it has been handled in an excessively commercial manner.

I have decidedly mixed feelings about the boutique-ization of the brand and its economic implications, but a major development is taking place and it's nice to be exposed to some of it.

Dear Doc I don't beleive
07/27/2011 - 12:01
that the specific article written by a lounger who visited the new V&C Boutique in his city, had any purpose of advertising. Ragarding some previous posts I agree with you but then again, isn't that what we are doing and enjoing all the time? I mean what is the difference from discussing the regular production pieces or another point of sale like for example an antiquorum auction or the Geneva boutique. There is a chance (well more than a chance) that you have thought about it more than I did so please elaborate and change my mind. George
07/27/2011 - 12:55

I can't recall reading anything that offended me in this regard, perhaps you can elaborate so that we can judge the particular communication directly.

BTW, who entered the competition to win a VC Madison Avenue engraved iPad2...


I completely disagree with this sentiment...
07/27/2011 - 17:19

for a number of reasons.

There is sometimes a fine line between, information, promotion and advertising. I think for the most part (99.999%), the site has not actively advertised any of VC's products, but rather has provided information and often a lively discussion about those products, new and vintage as well as what is happening throughout the world viv a vis Vacheron.

I never saw this sentiment expressed with respect to any of the other VC Boutiques' openings...perhaps I missed it.

Anyway, I'm not wasting time on such a triviality.

We're all grown up here, and I assume sophisticated enough to cut through any bullshit subtle or overt. And  its like preaching to the converted, anyway.

Sorry about being a bit direct.

This is really a non-issue!

With respect,


We are a small community and we could expect that
07/27/2011 - 17:39

all HOUR LOUNGERS here are VC lovers and in good spirit for this brand.

Of course we have our own sensibility.

"One for All and All for One", IMHO.

Just my 2 cents,

Best regards to all here,


I want more!
07/27/2011 - 23:38

More “communication” from VC, that is.  By using that word, I’m distinguishing from “messaging” which is the one-way flow of information.  Forums have evolved from ancient Roman meeting places to internet-based virtual meeting place.  What hasn’t changed is the basic requirement for a free-flow of ideas, which successfully concludes with understanding the other’s POV and sometimes even changing opinions!

I appreciate the delicate balance required for merchants to engage in true communication with the targets of their parallel marketing strategies.  Independent-minded moderators and critical-thinking participants have been the general rule at THL, for which I am thankful to all.

What I fear is a static environment, where change isn’t welcome or wanted.  With Doc’s help, Alex and others, we can strive for better.  Which is always possible, to coin a certain phrase...

This is the most civilized disagreement...
07/28/2011 - 00:28
I have seen, for a long, long time, in any forum, internet based or not. And in the absence of our moderator:-). I'm proud of us.
even if you feel like it was advertisement, Mats...
07/28/2011 - 00:45

I am pretty sure it was not meant to be... endorsement was not the intention here.

We were simply fed regular extracts from press releases clad in beautiful pictures. I loved it. It's very informative and a learning experience of its own. I want to feel like I'm part of the opening ceremony even if I can't be there. It just makes me feel closer to this great event. Wish we were given this kind of stuff on HL a lot more often. Honestly. Just like Dean I feel there could be more communication from the brand here in our community... i.e. why do we find out through a fellow Lounger that VC purchased the Packard watch, such a triviality, right?

My 2 zloties worth...   


Re: Personally reflection about NYC Boutique avertisment.
07/28/2011 - 05:31

Dear Fellow Loungers,

I have been watching this (very civilized) discussion develop over the past couple of days, and now feel it is appropriate to weigh in myself.  My post was not intended as a promotion (believe it or not, I already have a full time job), but rather to share the excitement that at least some of us feel about the first opening of a VC Boutique in North America.  Never before have we, in the US, had the opportunity to see so many of the current VC watches in one place.  It is evidence of the investment that VC is making to serve our market, and a focal point for special events in which we hope to participate.  The addition of local technical service represents a commitment to our satisfaction as owners of these fine watches.

I am also not sure why anyone would complain about the quantity or quality of communication coming from VC.  Do we not have the finest brand specific forum (and moderator) on the web?  Does VC not invite those who are best able to appreciate and report on horology into their inner circle to share what they see with the rest of us?  Do they not sponsor shows, exhibitions and discussions around the world?  The fact that I happened to hear something about a watch sold here in NYC before it was splashed all over the pages of a newspaper should not be a reason to criticize VC communication.  It simply affirms the value of our community as a way to share what we learn.

Warmest regards,



07/28/2011 - 17:12

What a response of some thoughts!

They were my own, fueled by some of our friends,

but of course I stand for them, I did write the post!

5 post on this boutique openeing + an ongoing competition.

Please note that I wrote to dsaho 1, (he has nothing to do with this at all),

that I suspected that it was not his pics, since I think he makes them more natural (better),

also thanking him for his articles!

“Anyway nice pieces, even though Americane is my favourite 

Thanks for the articles, very interesting!


Doc ”

I also wrote to him in another of the 5 posts: ” Lovely nostalgia in wonderful pics! ”

My post stated: ” I have received several peronal emails from long and well standing Hour Lounge members.

They like me wonders, if this articles and some similar articles before,doesn't touch and embarrass the good will of our forum. ”

Finally I wrote :

“Sure it's news, but it's more PR for a new Vacheron&Constantin boutique.

Very nice pictures and intersting watches, at least for me, one of them, 

but we should perhaps think twice? 

It is my own thoughts, powered by some others, but I stand for every word.

After beeing one of two men behind The Hour Lounge forum,

and after putting some work in this, over 2.300 posts, I think I’m allowed

to have an opinion.

Thanks for me nd end of discussion from my point


We beg you to express your opinion.
07/28/2011 - 19:06
I value it and I believe that it makes this forum much better. A propo what is your opinion on V&C buing at auctions watches for the museum. Are we in danger of following somebody elses footsteps in order to increse market value or you beleive that so far at least they buy only pieces with real interest?
Thanks my friend!
07/28/2011 - 19:50


You have in an elegant way given the answer yourself.

I think it's an idea out of time.

10-15 years ago, it could have passed, but after PP broke all barriers,

in the cover of building a Museum, and bought nearly half of the auction market,

sometimes to ridiculous prices, the bubble burst, because they were soon followed,

by Rolex, and then brand after brand.

Suddenly out of date brands again raised as stars on the sky,

just because someone had paid a fantastic price at an auction!

We Vacheron&Constantin aficionados, asked then, 10-15 years ago,

why doesn't they do the same. I still think they should, before the bubble burst.

Vacheron&Constantin lost some distance at that time,

which they had to suffer for some time...

Thanks to a very good management, Vacheron&Constantin has recovered extremely fast,

and are once again one of 'the big three', V&C, AP and PP.

Sorry to admit this, but I'm always honest, as I hope you believe,

and for that I sometimes get some sh-t, but after so long time,

but with my limited knowledge it's easy to laugh at laugh

OTH, PP have a fantastic museum which I have visit several times,

I recommend it to all Geneva visitors!



Your 1st person pictures and report make waiting another 2 months...
07/29/2011 - 12:44
unbearable, ;-) as I won't be back in the NY/NJ area until the end of September. Thanks for adding to my anxiousness, :-). BR, Dan
There's a time and a place for everything and Doc says "it ain't now!"
07/29/2011 - 13:27

Firstly, thank you Mike (maberlin) for the report following your recent visit to the Boutique. It's always good to hear things from a personal perspective.

I would like to make a few observations inrespect of Doc's posting and the comments and observations that followed. It is crystal clear that all seven Loungers that responded did so with great passion and affection for the Hour Lounge and all that it stands for. And that was no surprise!

However, it's 'cutting-edge' of the HL must be consistently reviewed in order that it delivers and performs both effectively and efficiently and within the parameters set-out at the birth of the forum. One has only to observe that the current input comes from a narrow-band of loyal Loungers - forget the thirty or forty names that pop out of the woodwork when a competition is in the offering and more importantly when there's a freebie - so it remains paramount to attract new blood and the key to that may well be held in making some changes. That is a fine line, however, if you don't walk it you're dead in the water, trust me!

I do not wish to speak on behalf of Doc (he's more than capable!!!) but I would look his comments this way. Figuratively speaking he grabbed a piece of lovely wallpaper and peeled it from the wall to reveal some cracks in the plasterwork that need to be addressed if problems are to be avoided at some point during the future. It's always good to catch these things at an early stage and Doc has got the eye for doing just that.

I have every confidence in Alex and Doc to find the answers that will take us forward. In the meantime, we've alot to thank them for over the past months and years.

It just leaves me to wish you all a wonderful weekend coupled with a big thank you to you all for making the HL such a wonderful place to spend some time.

Kind regards,


My first experience with forum censorship!
07/30/2011 - 18:32

And it wasn't here at The Hour Lounge, thank goodness!  A TZ contributor posted a very nice photo tour of the NY boutique and someone commented on the "swastika" design in their carpet.  I posted an explanation of the symbol, its religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists, and its historical use as a design motif in Japanese and Chinese culture.  Today I find this post and a few others on the subject deleted without explanation.  However, there was a new post from the moderator that the VC management had been made aware of the "conflict" and he had deleted photos of the carpet.  I don't believe there was a conflict at all but now there should be one.  Shame on TZ!

A small clarification of the buddhist symbol...
07/31/2011 - 06:32

This buddhist symbol, "wan zi fu", has been in existence for over 1,000 years.  There is no translation into english that I can think of, but in Chinese it refers to the formation of the symbol by utilizing part of the word "万“ (which means 10,000), duplicating and rotating it 4 times.

Here is a watch that my father-in-law passed down to me.  It was obviously made for the the Asian market, we believe in the 1930s-1940s, and uses an FHF 67, 21 jewel, movement (which is one of the companies that was merged together and now known as ETA):

Buddha Watch - with FHF 67, 21-jewel movement

You will notice the buddhist symbol that is the topic of conversation is shown below the "12".  The Nazi's actually took this form and "flipped" it to create the "swastika".   The easiest way for me to differentiate the two is to imagine they are pinwheels, if wind blows its way:  the Buddhist symbol would spin clockwise, while the other symbol would blow counter-clockwise.

The rug shown above has a pattern in which both symbols can be seen.  Depending on one's history and perceptions, some will clearly see one symbol and others will see another (some won't even notice it at all).  I doubt VC expected either symbol to be displayed at the NY Boutique, so playing it conservatively, it was probably best to remove the carpet.

BR, Dan

P.S.  Dean I've tried sending you a couple of emails over the past couple of weeks, but they keep getting returned as undeliverable.

TZ has gone the way The Hour Lunge never vill do!
08/03/2011 - 04:03

It's absolute against all priciples of 'the true free way of expression'!

Sorry, the journalists has destroyed that beautiful quote ages ago...

This one of the reasons I keep repeating me here, over and over again,

since The Lounge is my second home.

I put part of my soul here, and more I have honestly put my heart in this,

as well as The Boss, Alex has done.

We together with you will defend the 'free word'.

Dean, whatever you write, I and many with me read, more we take it in, and consider what you mean!

Keep writing from your soul and heart

Your friend


Re: First Visit to NYC Boutique
08/01/2011 - 08:11

First sighting by night. 

Thanks Michael, looking forward in seeing the boutique in the flesh
08/02/2011 - 12:18