With a fool's stubboreness,

which is an old Swedish expression, 
I keep repeating that I miss the  &

as you must have noticed......With a fool's stubboreness,

This the oldest company dropped it 1974,


We who lived during the 70's only remember bad taste,

flared trousers, uncut hair and bad music !

Just have look at Doc in the 70's and don't die of laughingWith a fool's stubboreness,

With a fool's stubboreness,

Finished rolling on the floor yet With a fool's stubboreness,

The 60's is something to remember,

think of the music,

even you who wasn't born then,

knows the Beatles, Stones and Beach boys,

I can go on for ever.

If we only compare the watches from the 60's with the one made during the 70's,

it says everything.

Thats when Vacheron & Constantin dropped the & !!!

I always wondered where, I looked everywhere,

but I can't find it !

It's like going around with a car and suddenly the 6th gear just disappeared With a fool's stubboreness,

With a fool's stubboreness,

For some years,

most when it were widows or old mothers,

it for short periods was renamed,

but such were the tradition.

But since 1819 the name has been Vacheron & Constantin !

From 1st of April, so it got to be joke that someone stole it in the 70'sWith a fool's stubboreness,

You my friends,


Mr Torres and Mr Dom. Bernaz,

I beg you on my knees bring back the true name.

I promise to come to Geneva and celebrate this,

with kissing your shoes, promise With a fool's stubboreness,


With a fool's stubboreness,

The following watches are my own, and sorrowly pictured by me,

but on the other hand there is no tendency of making anyone more attractive,

than the others.

I have only gone in and cut out the names..

They are from 1910 - 2005.

We start from bottom, in this case 2005 With a fool's stubboreness,

With a fool's stubboreness,


With a fool's stubboreness,


With a fool's stubboreness,

1937 and I love, brushed rosé gold and yellow gold indexes,

in a year they only produced 439 watches, but still absolute top class With a fool's stubboreness,With a fool's stubboreness,

With a fool's stubboreness,

1910, lady's watch also a favourite and you know whyWith a fool's stubboreness,

With a fool's stubboreness,

This front you never get tired of watchingWith a fool's stubboreness,

But all was about to bring back the true name!

Vacheron & Constantin

This is Doc's dream and ambition,

except the book...

After written this,

perhaps there will never be any book !

Love you guys at Vacheron & Constantin

from floor to top With a fool's stubboreness,


we can say that the & as in Vacheron & Constantin returned in 2007
11/26/2007 - 11:07

with the Chronometre Royal.

Could this be a promise of things to come....?

What about Doc in late 70's :-) ???
11/26/2007 - 13:25

Have you stopped laughing yet


I'm with you Doc
11/26/2007 - 14:24
To be honest, I don't reaally care either way - I am young and the first time I heard of VC, the & wasn't there. But I am a fan of keeping traditions and if for most of its glorious history, the firm's name was V&C, and more importantly, if it makes our Doc happy, then I'm all for putting back in the mix the &!!
I take my hat off,
11/26/2007 - 14:38

for such a nice response !


get SKYPE,

so we can talk when you are out of ordinary shape.

Just send me a private mail !


Thanks Doc! Very interesting!! ;) (nt)
11/26/2007 - 18:33