Forgotten Treasures

In the end, I just couldn't do it Forgotten Treasures.  I began with good intentions.  Despite near freezing temps every morning, spring IS in the air!  So is the urge for spring cleaning and my wife has suffered all winter with stacks of books, magazines, and other watch-related flotsam cluttering up our den.  Everything MUST go in the book shelves, she pleaded.  So in the spirit of marital harmony, infused with thoughts of a new beginning, I began to sort piles of old auction magazines Forgotten Treasures.  It involved a logical system; those festooned with bits of paper sticking out the top, I'd keep.  Those that hadn't proven useful over the past year could go...there, two nice piles!  Then I made the mistake of sitting down with a cup of coffee and picking up from the discard pile.
Forgotten Treasures
1934 Observatory Tourbillon, scored 854 points at Geneva

Oooh, look at that beauty.  Don't remember that unusual one.  This in white gold...thought they only came in yellow!  All those wonderful treasures in full color, it would be sacrilege to destroy such history.  Outrageous even!
Forgotten Treasures
Rare 1916 Marine Chronometer

Forgotten Treasures
Heures Sautantes by Robert Cart for Gubelin, in unusual square case

Hmmm, maybe "she" won't miss a few cook books? Forgotten Treasures
you should spring clean more often!
04/22/2011 - 00:36
Love the Marine Chronometer! Thanks! nt
04/24/2011 - 20:03