A fresh business idea for luxury fashion industry.

May be it will be taken as flood by administrators, if so please feel free to remove this message, but a fresh business idea in my mind was born while watching the forum and I've decieded to post it right here. 

Sometimes I come here to look at nice vintage watches of my favourite brand, sometimes I buy vintage watches that I like. The main criteria of choice for me is being close to my feelings of art - it can be a brand new item, or it can be a piece made 50 years ago. Also I buy antique books.

For people like me, luxury watches of favourite brand (or other luxury or vintage or antique items) is a kind of self realization in finding an item that looks interesting for me from the side of design and conception. But there is another kind of people who never cares about arts, they just need to show their status without any feeling of art, (as a rule such persons prefer Rolexes :). Once apon a time I've visited a business meeting where 70% of visitors were absolutely simialar: mercedes W221 (at that time - top model), rolex daytona of one model, and similar hugo boss suit and similar vertu signatures.  I was joking - when people around you are similar - it's not fashion, it's army :)

So my idea is the following: to create a collection of luxury goods: clothes, watches, accessories stylized to look like a military uniform a little bit with serious difference in prices, that is showed as military-styled ranks insignias. :)

It must look civil but the items of different price must have some military-styled marks that will look like military insignias of different ranks.  I think the style can be borrowed form Nothern Korea fashion, and the style of signs of insignia can be used like on russian uniform at ww2 (just replace metal pieces on collars with gems).
The cheapest model that can cost, approx, 5K eur will look like soldiers uniform, the most expensive (of a few millions of euros value) must look like general's uniform - actually, only the insignias are to be different, not the whole style.

It will help to show the idea of such kind of people: buy something to show their rank and nothing else (without any feeling of arts or design conception).
As for me I like some unique pieces, and I feel myself too limited when I look only at new models of any brand, that's why I visit such forums and looking pieces from past times.

There are a lot of interesting items were made during the past years, that are nice and satisfy my symphaty to hi-end arts.  :).


I really can't comment as I'm one of those guys who
03/18/2016 - 11:10

gets his  clothes and shoes made by small unknown artisans so definitely not in your targetted group

About the same effect as Napoleon's invasion of Russia.
03/19/2016 - 13:59

Such an idea would probably have the same effect as Napoleon's retreat from Moscow and the uniform of Vacheron Constantin would be about as tattered as those of the French army by they time they reached the Vistula...those few that made it back. Not everything needs to be military to be noble.

I like understated luxury
03/21/2016 - 06:43

I like high quality products, but ones that are of inherent quality based on design, materials and craftsmanship...not what names/logos/symbols are visible.  I like knowing what I have, but it not being obvious to others.

It's one of the things I love about VC.  So I don't think I would be part of your target market either.