Geneva Seal on the Malte DTR

Hello out there.  This is my first time in this ( or any ) forum.  I own many pieces.  One of these is a RG Malte DTR that I bought from an authoirized dealer 2 years ago.  Does this mechanism have the Seal of Geneva on it ?  I have never found it, and thought that all V-C's have it as part of the Company's Philosophy.  Does it not have one simply because it is a Piguet derived movement ?  I love this watch, but need the piece of mind that this is afterall an authentic piece ( a few thousands dollars later, right ? ).

Can someone be so kind to apeace me, one way or another ?

Thank you.

Welcome to the Lounge Tuto. The DTR does not have the Geneva Seal, in
07/16/2007 - 12:04

fact VC has or rather had a rather schizophernic approach to the Geneva Seal saving it for special time only pieces. All their watches are finished to or even higher than Geneva Seal standards but it seems that they considered that their complications sufficed and the Geneva Seal was not necessary.

However things have changed and currently all VC's inhouse movements have the Geneva Seal, once again this does not mean that only these movements are finished to the GS standards but I guess they want to differentiate their inhouse movements with the ones based on ebauches. Every rule has an exception and VC's very first manufacture movement the 1790 used in the Malte Tourbillon does not have the Geneve Seal

Re: Welcome to the Lounge Tuto. The DTR does not have the Geneva Seal, in
07/17/2007 - 08:50

Dear Alex:  thank you so much for your prompt response ! Now I can continue enjoying this piece more than ever, without worrying about its authenticity.  The fact that I got the watch mailed directly from VC in Switzerland should have been enough evidence. However, what threw me off was an interview with VC's president on Watchtime the magazine, where he reported that ALL VC movements were stamped with the Seal... I would never have cared so much if he had never made such statement... afterall, Patek makes the same claim about all of their movements, AND you can see it ( I'm ignoring potential exceptions for the sake of my argument, of course ). 

Thanks again.

The DTR seems to be a favorite here. Wear it in good health, as for
07/17/2007 - 12:08

the interview I remeber having read it, I believe that there must have been something lost in translation.