A get together with some Vacheron

And some nice Vacheron on the table were there . All following photos are to credit to Alain2701; thanks Alain to let me share your photos. The cylindrical CR is from a fellow lounger Fenndalton (I loooooved it, what a fantastic watch), the red gold with the P454 is from Guillaumme, who had a good catch here. A get together with some VacheronA get together with some VacheronA get together with some Vacheronand a lot more non Vacheron like these 2 Geophysic which have some relations to Chronometre RoyalA get together with some Vacheron and many others (chronos divers etc),       for Alex we finished our trip to an amazing independant he loves/ De Bethune Nothing else to say that it is stunning from every point. A little photo I made A get together with some Vacheron I would have loved to go to Geneve but had no time this time; next time for sure ;) . Great time in Switzerland, a special thanks to the "Meringue double creme" , as sweet and heavy loaded as this GTG .
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07/27/2013 - 15:47
I have this problem when posting from iPhone and iPad.
07/27/2013 - 20:03
And then there is the issue of posting pictures from these mobile devices. I believe VC is working on it, but there isn't much that can be done until then. BR, Dan
Thx Dan; for info; this is on a regular PC tozer with Windows 7
07/27/2013 - 20:19
Very nice with suprising JLC Geophysics along
07/27/2013 - 20:30
Thanks again
Thx for your comment
07/29/2013 - 02:23
I think it is a nice travel in the history of chronometers with the Chronomètre Royal and the Geophysic
Re: A get together with some Vacheron
07/28/2013 - 08:10
Some real beauties there, Francois. Amazing how appealing they are. Just shows you, beauty lasts forever, even when it gets a little older :-) Joseph
Thanks Joseph!
07/29/2013 - 02:27
I will tell my wife the same :D
Thanks Francois - nice 'family' shot...
07/30/2013 - 06:34
...the first 2 on the left are quite exquisitecheeky CHeers,  Francois
Thanks Francois
07/30/2013 - 13:14
Both CR did some "damage" on collectors who hadn't seen one yet. devil
Re: A get together with some Vacheron
08/02/2013 - 20:12
Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures with us!
Thanks Dragos :)
08/07/2013 - 17:25
Re: A get together with some Vacheron
08/04/2013 - 00:23
And do not Forget the croûte au fromage as apetizers. It was à great time, as usuel ;)
Yes , we should write a book about the "swiss diet"
08/07/2013 - 17:24
Any watch in your post would make me happy :-) thanks for sharing
08/05/2013 - 09:29
you are not difficult to please ^^, Thx Alex
08/07/2013 - 17:25