Getting a jump on monday with some Colorado photos

As so many of you are 7+ hours ahead of my time zone I have to get ready before hand to share my monday photos for our fun times together as Loungers. Today I am sharing photos while walking around this weekend in my neighborhood and golf course area in Colorado. Its spring weather here for skiing and we have had over 20 inches of fresh snow the last few days. The skiing has been awesome and many families are here for spring break with their kids.

This photo looks across the length of the golf course to the west where the Breckenridge ski area is about a 15 mile ride away. These golf holes comprise the back 9 of this 18 hole course. Your ball does go further here because of the altitude over 9000 ft above sea level.
Getting a jump on monday with some Colorado photos
Getting a jump on monday with some Colorado photos
This photo is looking north from the golf course. The mountains are 11,000 ft plus above sea level. Great for hiking in the summer months. This area is about 80 miles west of Denver, Colorado.

Getting a jump on monday with some Colorado photos
This photo covers golf hole #9 where you shoot across a small lake covered with ice and snow on the right. The photo is looking north towards town which is about 8 miles away.

Getting a jump on monday with some Colorado photos

This photo covers golf hole # 17 on the way back to the club house. These mountains are to the north of the course where Lake Dillon resides with 26 miles of shoreline. During the summer, folks are sailing and trout fishing at 9000 ft above sea level. 

Getting a jump on monday with some Colorado photos

This photo covers golf holes #4 and #5 looking west toward the Breckenridge ski area. The buildings you see are old structures from the early 1900's when this property was operated as a Ranch. Hope you enjoyed your sightseeing trip to the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. There was no mention of watches today as I take a break from my little hobby, lol. Enjoy your week ahead. Best regards, Matt

Ever try winter golf?
03/30/2009 - 02:53
I wouldn't use white balls though .  What a wonderful location for a relaxing walk or ski.  Having a place by a golf course as well, I find it's not very safe to stroll during the summer but I do collect quite a few "lost" balls in the evening . Say Matt, is there much avalanche activity in those nearby mountains?  So far this winter, we've had 23 fatalities in the Canadian Rockies but I don't hear much from down south.
Re: Ever try winter golf?
03/30/2009 - 03:57

Good to see your note. To be honest, I golf quite a bit - maybe 5 days a week in California. But certainly less than my wife who is a competitive golfer while I am the social golfer, lol. So when I am in Colorado I am mostly hiking, biking and skiing based on seasons, except in summer I do golf here. Heading back to southern CA this week, its a short 2 hour flight. We also live on a golf course there to keep her happy. Then I can attend to my watch hobby while she is distracted.

To answer your earlier question. There have been several avalanches this winter in Colorado, some very serious. However your numbers  and fatalities are much greater from what you wrote.

Am waiting for more photos from you as I think you have been in the most awesome places. I can see you are quite physical in your mountain sports too!

Warmest regards, Matt

Re: Ever try winter golf?
03/30/2009 - 12:36
No, I never try snowgolf LoL! ... But regular streetgolfer in Paris
makes me want to take a week off and come over! I've tried winter
03/30/2009 - 13:20
golf and feel more comfortable playing on snow than destroying the green
Re: makes me want to take a week off and come over! I've tried winter
03/31/2009 - 03:12
Alex, sooner or later we will get you out to this part of the watch world for work and some play time. Glad you liked the photos. Best regards, Matt
Loungers' Monday my take on the Basel fair
03/30/2009 - 13:49
I was at the Basel fair the past days and thought would share some thoughts as well as my favorite pieces: of course I didn't see every thing but here are a few pieces which I would love to own (if money grew on trees that is)Harry Winston Opus 9The brain child of wonderboys Eric Giroud (designer) and Jean-Marc Wiederecht (watchmaker) this Opus has reconciliated me with the Opus series which I found redundant starting n°6. In this model which looks extremely siple (but is not) you have two diamond chains on a central belt indication minutes and hours. If you look closely the Harry Winnston brand isn't even on the dial!!Christophe Claret Dual TowChristophe Claret is known for the amazing complications he has made for some of the big players of the industry but to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his company he has created a special watch under his own name. And what a watch: the hours and minutes are represented on a "belt" type system. The chronograph pusher makes a cathedral gong chime each time it is pressed and to make things nore complicated the watch also has a tourbillon!Bell & Ross: BR 01 AirborneNow how cool is this? The famous BR01 taking the shape of aircraft control pannels this model is a tribute to elite paratroopers whose insignia were the skull and bones reproduced here.Stepan Sarpaneva Korona RGFinish bad boy Sarpaneva has modified his too tame Korona case into something more aggressive and closer to his famous Supernova cases. The gothic moonphase signature remains. A bad ass watch! I also saw 2 phenomenal watches but not allowed to talk about them: Urwerk's CC1 (I could kill for this one) MB&F: a special unique HM-2 (see above for my criminal inclinations)
I love the B&R!
03/30/2009 - 14:04
That is such a cool watch! I agree with you, the Korona looks much better with this case that the previous more traditional one. I have to say though, I think Sarpaneva's moonphase is a little bit overrated. It does look amazing, but I think the one made by VC is much more of an acheivement - there's a lot more details, on a much smaller scale. And yet, it seems Sarpanva's moonphase is the one that gets all the glory... I'm not a huge fan of either the Opus 9 or the Christophe Claret... I like the idea of the belt indication, but the CC looks too busy for me, and I would have preferred soemthign else than diamonds on the O9...
by the way, the HW logo is on the dial of the O9...
03/30/2009 - 14:06
look at the "1" on the hours side...
Beautiful shots Matts
03/30/2009 - 14:10
It must be really nice to be able to just get out of your house and walk to the tee-off... Although I am awful at it, I do love golf a lot... I love the views, the fresh air, I find the whole experience very relaxing... and at the end, I reward myself with a few very nice hot dogs (if there's one thing the Brits have not learned how to do well, it's hot dogs. You guys in the US/Canada don't know how lucky you are)
Re: Beautiful shots Matts
03/30/2009 - 21:32
Many thanks for your kind note. Golf is a neat experience and I enjoy the camaraderie with friends. I find your part of the world and your city fascinating as well. So I am hoping to see photos from others on mondays as well. We do love our hot dogs too! Regards, Matt