good taste! VC......

some time back in Feb, i bought a pre-owned VC, it did not come with papers and little specs of deterioration on the dial was found under the loupe. so i decide to send it to VC hong kong for a service. i was recommended a change of dial which i gladly agreed. 

when i went to collect the watch today, i was pleasantly surprised with the good taste of the VC service team, my originally cream with black numerals was replaced with a cream with nutmeg numerals. the match was perfect between the nutmeg numerals and the YG case and emits the charm of cartier which i always like. it makes me wonder if VC has made many of these nutmeg numerals dials?

here are the before and after pics : 


good taste!  VC......


good taste!  VC......

good taste!  VC......

that's a nice updgarde :-) (nt)
07/20/2007 - 14:40


maybe this is a better pic .....
07/20/2007 - 14:52

definately nicer! The red/brown numerals with the cream colored
07/20/2007 - 15:00

dial and brown strap fit perfectly well

Looks like a whole different watch

I like the new dial much better. it has more life ! (nt)
07/20/2007 - 18:31