Gratuitous Tiger Joke

Apparently the police asked Tiger's wife how many times she hit him.  She said "I don't know exactly...but put me down for a 5."
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Re: Gratuitous Tiger Joke
12/13/2009 - 11:51
What's the difference between a car, and a ball? Tiger can drive a ball further than 400 yards. Sorry. Really, really sorry. I just couldn't help myself.
Tiger looses one...
12/13/2009 - 15:28
Gillett, but wins one...Trojan!
Some others.................
12/13/2009 - 16:03
  • What do Tiger Woods and baby seals have in common? They're both in danger of being clubbed by Norwegians!
  • Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn't decide between the iron or the wood.
  • His wife Elin told police that she went for a rescue wood, but it looks like she really went for the driver.
  • Did you hear that he inspired a new Kung Fu movie to be released? “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hydrant."
  • Did you make it out of your own driveway safely this morning? Then you can say that you outdrove Tiger Woods.
  • Elin Nordegren got hired today as a consultant. She's teaching Phil Mickelson how to beat Tiger.
  • Did you hear about Tiger's last outing? He drove into a tree, then ended up with a bad lie.
  • What kind of club did Elin swing at Tiger? Looks like it was a bitching wedge.
  • What's the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 350 yards.
  • What were Tiger Woods and his wife doing out at 2.30 in the morning? They went clubbing.  Best regards,


Re: Gratuitous Tiger Joke
12/14/2009 - 21:11
At the gym the other morning the local news had a montage of 11 of Tiger's lady friends. One of them was not particularly attractive. When I pointed this out to the fellow on the stairmaster next to me he said ..." well remeber he had Lasik several years ago..."