Great happiness....then great sadness!

I feel like crying...Great happiness....then great sadness!

My white gold 6694 Batman watch just returned from it's factory service today.  I was absolutely thrilled as I opened the package until...

There appeared a ugly new scratch on the dial at 9 o'clock. did this happen?  Why did it leave the factory in that condition?  Can it be repaired...are there new-old-stock dials available?  Why did it leave the factory in that condition?

I have a call into the Richemont Canada service center that handled the shipping but geez, after all this waiting it's very disappointing.  All I have to look forward to is the bad news that there is no repair or that I must loose it again for months and months.

Otherwise, it was nice to see the correct baton hands with onyx inlay were installed, and the correct circular brushed pattern was applied to the caseback.  But my guts hurt just looking at that scratch....

Great happiness....then great sadness!
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That is very disappointing news...
10/16/2008 - 21:40
I'm very sorry to hear of your experience. I would be furious, as the obvious point of such services is to enhance, rather than degrade a valuable vintage watch. It's hard to imagine how it might have happened, and is especially disappointing that the culprit failed to admit his or her mistake. There's really no excuse, but it does undersore how important it is to take good photos of your fine watches before they go in for service, so that there can be no dispute about when the damage occurred. Good luck, and do keep us posted on how V&C handles this case. Regards, Tony C.
Awful... :-(
10/16/2008 - 22:42
Sorry to read such horrible story - you must be devastated having waited for so long! It is such a shame because otherwise this watch looks PERFECT (IMO, the nicest out of your CR collection). Hopefully VC can find a solution to the problem, and FAST.  Keep us posted, and good luck! Francois
Good news....sort of!
10/17/2008 - 00:02
After twisting and turning the watch for what seems like hours, I was surprised to find the "scratch" detach itself and fall to another part of the dial! Seems this is a piece of debris that is caught under the crystal.  What a relief that the dial isn't damage as I'm not sure a replacement would be available. Now my only concern is removing the floater before it gets jammed in the hand pinions.
10/17/2008 - 00:58

This should be easier to get fixed...

yes, that makes more sense...
10/17/2008 - 01:40
but don't forget to request the well-established Debris Discount!
It is still unacceptable to me.
10/17/2008 - 04:01
That only shows that the enviroment of the factory is not clean and the watch repairer is careless.  Please don't tell me every body makes mistake.  VC always proclaims to provide good quality control service.  They should double check the piece before it was allowed to leave the factory. I once found a fine hair in the movement of a watch (not VC) and still figure out it came from which part of the watchmaker's body. Regards Ling
I am sorry to hear of your difficulties but I am hopeful...
10/17/2008 - 06:08
that VC will address the problem and rectify it quickly.  If it is just a small piece of debris, then I would guess that it won't be a long and complicated process to resolve the situation. As we all know, no person, no organization is perfect and unfortunately mistakes do happen.  Sadly, you were the person negatively affected this time.  I am sure that VC feels badly for this occurence and will take the appropriate steps to fix the problem.  The mark of a quality organization is to accept responsibility for a problem, address it in a timely manner and ultimately learn from the incident.  This is what I expect from VC. Those, who find mistakes unacceptable, are not being realistic as it is a fact of life that these things can and do happen.  Let's face it, nobody is perfect and those, who expect perfection, are just not being fair and are setting themselves up for disappointment. i know that all of this is much easier said than done but let's hope that your patience will be rewarded. Good luck and we all hope that you will be able to fully enjoy your watch.  Please keep us posted on the future developments. Cheers, Duncan
on a separate topic, Duncan
10/17/2008 - 13:22
I got a glimpse of the Survivor... not really my cup of tea with the huge pusher locks... And black, but not All Black
Hahaha... That means that there will be one less person...
10/17/2008 - 14:21
trying to get the latest AP LE Offshore.   That should make some other collector very happy out there... Not sure about it myself but am glad that they didn't go the all black route. Cheers, Duncan
IMO its a shame that the size of the watch was extended
10/17/2008 - 16:33
so much through the crown and those pushers blockers (not sure what correct term is), because otherwise it is looking pretty cool... but since this is a VC forum, I'll stop commenting.  To Alex's teaser hint of what to expect at SIHH 09, I wonder if one of the 2 killer models will be a sporty one... Cheers,  Francois 
my friend we are all horology fans so no problem continuing your
10/17/2008 - 16:37
discussion. I'll keep my comments to myself though.....
is it because your mom told you that
10/17/2008 - 22:57
if you've got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all?
The mark of a skilled and confident moderator...
10/18/2008 - 02:48
is demonstrated by Alex's approach.  That also makes HL a far more mature and enjoyable environment to visit and participate in. Thanks Alex for your hard work and supportive attitude as it makes the Hour lounge a great place hang out. Cheers, Duncan
Words thqt go strqight to my heart Duncan, thank you :-) NT
10/18/2008 - 15:23
Good that they go to the heart and not to the head...
10/19/2008 - 02:18
like it does with others. Cheers, Duncan
There are those who believe that bigger is better...
10/18/2008 - 02:42
However. we as sophisticated VC collectors, know better.   I love AP and they make many fine watches, especially many non-Offshores but I do find this LE chasing to be rather ridiculous.  That being said, I am enjoying my Singapore F1 GP  piece and it has been challenging my Quai de l'Ile for wrist time... Cheers, Duncan
Re: Great happiness....then great sadness!
10/17/2008 - 18:46
Great to see another WG.. you note that it now has the original hands.. I thought that this model came with the short pointed hands also.. Does anyone have some original copy that shows different hands... By the way what did VC charge for service?. Thanks
6694 picture collection
10/18/2008 - 02:22
As you can see, there is tremendous variation of  hands and dials for the 6694 CR....
Re: 6694 picture collection
10/18/2008 - 18:36
Thanks so much for your 6694 images.. I feel better now as my watch has proper hands..short but makes the watch look larger! Regards Brian
On the road again....
10/18/2008 - 01:16

The watch has been shipped back for a cleaning and will hopefully return soon!  I have one or two other VC's to wear in the meantime . And just to show my faith in VC hasn't diminished one bit...the diamond dial 6694 is going along for a complete service. The way I see it, we are like a big family.  Sometimes we are proud and other times disappointed.  But no matter what happens, we keep on talking to each other around the kitchen table, or in the Hour Lounge.

Glad to see that you are keeping the faith.
10/18/2008 - 02:54
Good luck and hopefully your watches will be returned in pristine working order in the near future. By the way, another aspect of family is loyalty and sticking together during good times and not so good ones as well. Cheers, Duncan
Don't get me started...
10/18/2008 - 03:17
Loyalty is an interesting concept...often used by those who expect it rather than earn it .  Politicians favor loyalty to symbols, while idealists favor loyalty to principles. As a management consultant, I've often tried to get old-school organizations to identify a customer-focused vision as the target of loyalty, so they can share the cause with their employees as equal stakeholders in success.  This is an easy concept for employees to grasp, but very difficult for management.
And I thought politicians were loyal to one thing...
10/18/2008 - 05:51
Getting re-elected. Okay, I confess to being a very cynical individual, whose idealism has seen a lot of disappointment over the years.  Nowadays, I am mostly loyal to a few people who I consider friends and for me personally, a number of the VC folks fit that description. Anyway, let's hope that VC has earned and continues to earn your loyalty. Cheers, Duncan
Isn't that life?
10/18/2008 - 11:52
When everything sems to be OK, there is always something that's not 100%! I'm suffering with you. I should change to a new strap at one of my YG watches, when I managed to schratch the front of one of the bottom lugs, quite bad! It was not a VC, but this one This time it was my fault, but I got so disappointed on myself, so I put it in the vault immedeately  and it has been there for over a half year. I just doesn't want to see it now. OK, it can probably be polished away but I can's stand seeing it ! Shit happens Cheers Doc
10/18/2008 - 19:56
I feel for you Doc .  I really like the new quick-release spring bars that don't require a tool to remove.
I feel your pain Doc
10/19/2008 - 15:06
My 47212 now has a HUGE scratch that starts on the tp end of the case and goes all accross the left top lug... as a result of my wife wanting to hold my hand and her jewelry coming into contact with my little baby... I still hold her hand, but now I always make sure to stand to her right (she's a lefty) Cheers, Francois