Greetings from Lake Tahoe

Hi everyone! We have a few minutes before hitting the road for our return leg of this year's auto adventure...should be home in less than a week. Good thing too, I miss my bed, home cooking, and my friends at THL. At least our car rallye was a success and with the son-in-law navigating we took 3rd place in our category (I tell my dear wife and past navigator it was pure luck of course). Sadly a car in the Unlimited class crashed and both occupants were killed. I didn't know either personally but the loss is felt for our fellow comrades and their families. The desert scenery is breathtaking for a fellow used to so much greenery and the driving is fast on wide expanses of vacant highways. Will catch-up with everyone next week and hope to have some in-car video to share! Cheers, Dean (definitely the dumber one ;-)
Dean love the way you picked up on Gary's joke :-) good to hear all is
09/22/2011 - 18:52
going well and that you're having fun and really sad for the families who got killed .
Congrats Dean !
09/22/2011 - 19:05
It's terrible when accidents happens, but i happens in daily life to. Veillotron's cab accident was a close call, some years back. I have been racing on court and I know the risks, all who participates know the risk of a fatal ending. Anywy when it happens, and it does, it's as tragic as it can bee.  We only can think of the family we don't know, and give them our emotions. Anywy glad to see the MAN, Dean back on stage again, he probably grabbed on or two deck watches, in some old shop passing by cool Cheers Doc
Congrats on finishing on the podium!
09/23/2011 - 02:51
Looking forward to watching the in-car video... Cheers, Francois 
At least your stop for a Big Mac didn't lose you too much time!.......
09/25/2011 - 23:38
Dean, Quite a remarkable achievement to come in third - all praise to everyone on board! Enjoy the few days before returning to the office (for a rest!?!). I'm looking forward to hearing more of this exciting adventure in the fulness of time. Well done and congratulationsyes Tony