The hands of time

I am not sure if this question has been addressed before, and I tried a quick search but could not find anything.
I came across a thread from December 2009 in which Fred925 posted images of what I presume was his new Historiques 1955. 
As I examined the pictures I wondered if there was a change in the type of hands used on this watch sometime soon after the first watches were delivered. 
Here is an image of my 1955:

The hands of time
The hands on my example seem more rounded and less pointy than the ones in Fred925’s thread from Dec. 2009, and by the way his must have been a very early delivery since I believe the 1955 was only officially announced in November 2009.
Fred925’s watch looks like the ones in the official launch photos.
The official VC photos (in Alex's post) show the flatter and pointier hands.  I had always noticied the difference in the hands between the official launch photos and my watch, but I did not expect that any watches were actually delivered with the hands as pictured in those first press images. I was just surprised and left wondering:  Why the change after delivery had begun on this watch?
I imagine that at some point VC changed the hands.  I must admit, I prefer the baton hands as delivered on my 1955.  They seem thinner than the flatter hands and that works better with the overall thinness of the watch.  The baton hands also resonate nicely with baton hands I have seen on vintage VCs from decades ago as well as on the Patrimony Contemporaine 81180 and on other watches such as the Historiques Chronograph 47101/47111, for instance.
There was also a slight revision to the wonderful little travel case that comes with the Historiques 1955 and 1968, but that is a relatively minor matter.

Quite a funny quirk, the change of hands on the watch...
12/19/2013 - 23:57
I also believe the baton hands look more sublime on the 1955. I guess Christian's designers came to the very same conclusion. Having said that, brings me back to the old saying: Great minds think alikesmiley
Re: Quite a funny quirk, the change of hands on the watch...
12/20/2013 - 09:36
Robert you are very observant. Lovely photos.
The hands on your watch are the ones the watch was originally
12/20/2013 - 12:24
launched with. The press photos show a more pointy hand but I guess it is because of post op.