Happy Canada Day

July 1st, 1867

Happy Canada Day
Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends! Champagne :-) (nt)
07/02/2009 - 22:09
Happy Belated Canada Day to all of our Canadian Loungers! (nt)
07/03/2009 - 03:11
Re: Happy Canada Day
07/03/2009 - 05:11
HAPPY CANADA DAY to you Dean and all the other Canucks here. Here is a link to what I think should have been the national anthem (with words somewhat updated). A bit monarchist but those were the days. Very stirring! Still, the video and music does make one proud to be a Canadian!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQc1_NpfXBc Joseph
Happy Canada Day to both of you (nt)
07/03/2009 - 10:20
Happy Canada Day! Congrats to a great country! nt
07/03/2009 - 14:28
Re: Happy Canada Day
07/05/2009 - 21:29
Congrats to our fine neighbors to the North. I have always enjoyed my travels and fine people there. Learned more about Canada as a boy growing up in NYC with members of the NY Rangers Hockey Team as close neighbors, all from Canada. Boy what a great team they were. Enjoy and best wishes, Matt