A heart felt thank you to Dominique Bernaz and his staff>>>

for an outstanding tour of the Geneva Maison. My wife and I appeared unannounced and so eager to see the magnificent museum and collection; Dominique set up a tour, took time off from his busy schedule and still found time to discuss the new programs, possibilities of future business and even show me an example of one watch that fascinates our moderator here on the forum--it was truly amazing and something I recommend to every VC afficianado. One should call ahead and make a scheduled visit, my rudeness in that respect was unforgiveable, but I did not want to miss the Maison for any reason. The keys of time museum pieces were truly remarkable and the pocket watches to match were like nothing I have ever seen, even in collections from the famous museums. I could go on and on but just had to thank Dominique and the staff and Evan for his excellent tour in English! What a place and people to match.

With best regards,

Tim and Sheryl Brown

The Maison is definately worth a visit. Curious about
05/21/2007 - 20:52

the watch you saw... funky lugs ?

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Dominique Bernaz is not only extremely knowledgable but a really nice guy and he can treally transmit his passion.

Who ever is in Geneva I can only advise you to visit the Maison, you can even go more than once since the exhibitions change a few times a year.

Did you come back with a watch? :-)

We are discussing several watches and some>>>
05/21/2007 - 23:31

interesting treatment of a very well known watch. I also am in the throws of deciding which treatment is going to be best for my collection or best for everyday use, a real dilemna for us watch nuts! It was a most splendid morning. And yes, it was the ultimate VC lug watch in Dominique's book, the kind of turtle feet you go crazy for--do you remember which one? Dominique has the answer. Thanks again for the introduction.

Best regards,


If you ever take the jump I hope you will share the final result! (nt)
05/22/2007 - 00:06


Mais bien sur!!!(nt)
05/23/2007 - 00:41