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Hello together,

I'm Stefan and while I am new here, I think I have already spent hours reading trough your discussionsand looking at these nice watches made by VC. Now I have decided to get myself at least one of these beatiful vintage VC's and so I registered here in order to be able to discuss matters that would rise in this process, but hopefully also being able to enjoy with you my then new old watch.

I have alway been fascinated by watches and since my father had a Patek Philippe Calatrava with a wondefull cal. 12-120 when I was a kid that was "the watch" for me. This is maybe a reason why I tend to like handwound watches with sub seconds, and one of the reasons I would like to get myself a VC with a cal 1001 ( and maybe add one with cal. 1003 further down the road ).

The main problem I have with these vintage watches is the fact that I would also like to wear them, so getting a watch only because of the movement is not going to work. So the next question is : how is it with restored dials ? This is the most "not original" thing I think that one can face, since the movement will most probably be there, the case has it's part also, but it might get hard to find dials that are 60 years old and have not been repainted. What do you do if you encounter such an offer : pass by, because the dial is remade, or still get the watch because, after all, when you send a watch in some parts are exchanged an if it is nicely done you would gladly wear the watch ? Note that I am not a friend of  "patina" ( I've tried it, I don't like it, I like my watch nice and clean - a few dents in the case are less of a problem ). If we would be talking about a little steel Omega with a 269 movement that would be 2-300 Euro that would be not a problem, but since we aretalking ten times more, it starts to be kind of a problem, so I was curious how theknoledgeable collectors and watch lovers would hadle this in order to develop a startegy and start my hunt.


Regards, Stefan

Welcome and good to have you with us :-) the question on refurbished dials is an
04/28/2015 - 18:15

interesting one, some don't mind having the patina of time others like you want something clean.

My question may not be satisfactory but it really depends on the state of the dial and how it has be redone.

An origibal non touched dial is always more sought after and a watch with an original dial will always cost more but then again you need to have a good eye to recognize an original dial.

A perfectly refurbished or redone dial is still fine, and note that VC's after sales service offers a dial cleaning/reprinting so you can have a dial which looks like the original without it being original but this comes at a certain cost

Finally some dials are redone but so badly that it is a complete no for me.




Re: Welcome and good to have you with us :-) the question on refurbished dials is an
04/28/2015 - 21:18

Alex, thanks for the very friendly welcome.

Regarding dials, I would say that I am not against a good done refinish, I have a Longines 30L that is in a too good shape and with a non-original case that I am sure the dial has been made, but unlike the case it is very good done. OTOH I have been looking for some rules of thumb regarding the painting and the naming on the dials ( like : between this and that, the SWISS was there, or might not, or the Geneve had or not accent and so on ).

Another question would be how one could make sure that the serials are matching. I am not necessarily into collecting "Frankenwatches", even if I enjoy the watch I wrote above...

Regards, Stefan

send me the case and movement numbers and I can check
04/29/2015 - 13:58


Willkommen Stefan
04/28/2015 - 18:31

Welcome to The Hour Lounge.  Your plan sounds like an excellent way to enter the world of Vacheron Constantin.  I am not an expert on vintage pieces, but there are many here that are, so I will let them share their perspectives with you.  One thing I have noted by hanging around here is that some watches are remade by Vacheron Constantin and others are remade by someone else.  Many collectors see the ones remade by Vacheron to be "acceptable", while those made by others are not.  There are many fine manual wind VCs out there and many great people here to share their love of collecting and their knowledge with you.  Welcome.  Here is a picture of my (non-vintage) manual wind as a greeting.

Willkommen Stefan

Welcome to THL Stefan
04/29/2015 - 11:11

I've had one vintage watch dial restored by VC.  I believe it was sent back to a dial maker, Stern Creations, for the work.  They did a great job, but for VCs, I think I would only allow VC to do any dial work.  Best Regards, Dan

Welcome to THL Stefan

Welcome to THL Stefan

Re: Welcome to THL Stefan
04/29/2015 - 16:26

Thanks for the welcome Dan, wonderful little watch you have there. Might I ask how large these rectangular Vacherons are ? I consider myself willing to wear small watches, but never got to see one of these in real to get a feeling of now small they really wear at the wrist.

As for the dials, If one is willing tospend the money, going to the creator of the watch is for sure the best bet, esp. with the big houses that can still do this for very old pieces. My problem as a newbie that does not have a VC yet is deciding on the purchase, and here the dial might already been repainted.

Regards, Stefan

This watch, from 1967, is 27mm x 27mm
04/30/2015 - 00:51

This is what it looks like on my small, 6.5 inch (165mm) wrist:

This watch, from 1967, is 27mm x 27mm


And here it is on my wife's, even smaller, wrist:

This watch, from 1967, is 27mm x 27mm