Help me pick my next watch

A little while back I posted a thread about getting my first VC. After a few more sales I will finally have enough to get my next watch. I'm picking between the VC Overseas 42052 or 42042 and the Breguet Type XX Aeronavale 3800. I know this is a VC forum, so I can guess what the consensus will be, but can anyone explain to me why I should pick the VC. Thanks loungers.
Tough choice as both are really good looking but I find that the
09/06/2012 - 09:54
Overseas has more personality and style and its bracelet is just amazing!
I cannot explain why YOU should pick the Vacheron, I can only offer my
09/07/2012 - 01:32
thoughts.  Ultimately, you'll have to go with your heart. I owned a Breguet Type XXI and recently sold it.  It is a very nice watch although I just seemed to tire of it and wasn't wearing it much.  Now when I look at it I think the dial is too busy and a bit cluttered.  It does have a nice history however. I do own two Overseas that I love very much.  The dial work is of  very high quality; the guilloche on my steel Overseas Dual Time and the beautiful blue on my Overseas Perpetual Chrono New York edition. I do not tire of either of these; one is on a blue strap and the other one a wonderfully designed braclet that incorporates the Vacheron maltese cross logo. My vote would be for the Overseas. Whichever you chose, they are both lovely watches and I hope you enjoy your choice very much and wear it in great health. Regards, Ed Tonkin
Re: I cannot explain why YOU should pick the Vacheron, I can only offer my
09/07/2012 - 18:09
Apparently, great minds think alike (see my post below). :-)
Re: Help me pick my next watch
09/07/2012 - 18:07
That conundrum sounds very familiar: I had both the Breguet Type XXI and the Overseas 47040 at one point. I was enthusiastic about the Type XXI right away. The Overseas started off as a choice from my head: I wanted a good-looking but also subtle watch - one that I could on trips even to developing countries and that would not be perceived as anything noticeable or valuable by anyone who doesn't have some sense of watches. After about a year, I got tired of the Breguet: the face in particular was too busy and glitzy for my taste. Meanwhile, the Overseas has grown on me and is now one of my favorite watches for any occasion. It also wears better than the Breguet. Granted, the Type XX is less flashy than the Type XXI. A friend of mine has it and I like it a lot on him. But still - the Overseas is in a class of its own imo. Comparable to the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, but seen much more rarely. But you can do what I did and have the best of both worlds: get the Overseas and buy yourself an ORIGINAL Type 21. No flash here, and of course it's the real thing. Most of the Type XXIs were made by Dodane and Auricoste, and in great condition they're about a third of the price of a new Type 21. I have one and enjoy it a great deal. There are, of course, also the original Type XXs by Breguet, but they were replaced by the French defense ministry by the Type XXI (for which Breguet was not chosen as a contractor). Original Type XXIs run upward of $15K, and that only because of the branding on the face. Here are some photos of the original Type XXI So my vote is: get the Overseas, and if you really like the Type XX/XXI look, throw in an original Type XXI. Then you have the best of both worlds without (totally) breaking the bank. Hope this helps!
I can't speak for the Breguet
09/07/2012 - 21:41
But the the VC is very easy to read and operate and is quite impressive on the wrist. In addition it has, I believe, the most comfortable bracelet ever made. I don't think you will regret buying one. Regards, Joseph