Help needed re water damage to Overseas

Hi all -- first-time poster, here. I really appreciate the expertise available on this forum and wonder whether anyone can address my concerns. I have a late '90's, non-chrono Overseas that sustained water damage a week ago and has now stopped. I contacted the service center, and their rep wasn't able to answer the following question: when the crown is unscrewed but not pulled out to hack distance, does the Overseas maintain its water resistance, as an Omega Seamaster or Rolex Sub does? I realize that exposing any watch to water with the crown unscrewed is asking for trouble, but want to know if the Overseas is similarly rated in this regard or if it is not supposed to maintain its resistance when the crown is unscrewed. Thanks very much, Andy
This is what VC website says:
02/24/2010 - 04:01
Water resistance We strongly advise an annual check of all the seals on your watch in order to maintain its original level of water resistance. Your watch should also be used in accordance with its specific water-resistance characteristics. To protect the movement from humidity, be careful to ensure that the crown is always pushed back in or screwed back flush with the case, particularly after setting the time or adjusting functions. If water were to seep inside the case accidentally, or if you were to see any trace of damp, please take your watch to the nearest Authorized Vacheron Constantin Repair Centre. After any contact with seawater, it is advisable to rinse your watch in fresh water (for water-resistant watches) and to dry it with a non-abrasive cloth. 
according to the VC technical team the fact that the crown is not
02/24/2010 - 15:09
screwed in will give you the same water resistance as a non screw crown watch meaning basically you can wash your hands or get caught under a rainfall but can's shower or swim.
Alex and Tick-talk, thank you both!
02/24/2010 - 23:28
Thanks very much for your helpful replies, both in terms of their accuracy and speed. Between them, I received the exact info I was looking for. Alas, I was too cavalier with my favorite watch, which will not happen again! Much appreciated, Andy
The best place for repair....
03/01/2010 - 05:12
Being that you reside in Seattle a fast shipment of your watch to the service center located in Texas is your best bet. The VC website has all the necessary information to complete this process. Good luck with the repair. Matt