Help needed for VC identification...

I inherited this Vacheron Constantin about 5 years ago from my father when he passed away.
As you can understand this watch means a lot for me.
Can anyone identify the model or anything about it?
Except from a little dirt being on the dial as far as I can tell  it's in very good condition and it keeps the time accurately.
Only thing I know is that it was purchaced straight from Geneva about 1970-75
Any information would be appreciated.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone!

p.s. I can shoot & post more detailed photo if its needed.
Help needed for VC identification...
Never seen before,but I'll try to help you!
12/23/2008 - 21:18
If you open it and take a pic of the inside of the case, you'll find Reference number and the number of the watch. Take a pic, please! In this case Ref. 6454 and number of watch since start at the end of 1700(!), indicates this watch is made 1959 - 1960. Then take a pic as close as possible of the movement. The ref. number of the movement, K1002, tells you what type of movement.  But it's a little bit trickier to see the number of the special movement. If you look up in the right corner you find it in small figures, not gilt, 543960. BTW, the little golden figure, a head, on the right, is the Geneva Seal, the finest hallmark a movement can wear Good luck Doc
Re: Help needed for VC identification...
12/23/2008 - 22:16
Greetings and welcome, I have seen ones similar to this one but without the gold embellishment on the bezel. Is it about 34mm diam.? My guess is that its a 1014 movement or something similar. Pics of the inside of the case and movement as Doc suggests would be very helpful especially if they are in focus. Regards, JB
Possibly from the 7595 family....
12/24/2008 - 02:02
with cal. 1121 automatic.  Some discussion and pictures from a previous post are here!  Hope this helps until you can pry off the back and we'll know for sure
Thank you all!!!
12/24/2008 - 11:36
Thank you all very much for your interest and the quick reply.  I will shoot some close-ups and post them as soon as possible.  Thanks again!