help with phidias watch...

hi there i´m new to the forum and today I won an auction for a VC Phidias watch, ref.48010. I´ve been searching the net for this model but could only find it with steel/gold bracelet, and watch i´ve bought is mounted with a leather strap. The watch is with the cal.1130. Judging from the picture material available on the net my watch has different attachment lugs compared to the bracelet model (on of the lugs have sadly also broken off). Is a conversion to bracelt at all possible?

thanks in advance

p.s. how do I post pictures?
interesting as I have never seen a Phidias with a strap but
10/18/2009 - 21:32
only with a bracelet. Maybe the strap was added later on by the seller? You can find more information on the Phidias in my article on VC sports watches: click here to read the article  Please post a scan of your watch. All you need to do is click on the "mountain top" icon next to the smiley and follow instructions.