Help with a technical question

A friend asked me a question about the regulating system on this cal. 453 (and applies to the entire family of movements).  I don't know the answer so I thought I'd ask.

What is the purpose/function of the gold lever component circled in red?  Does it adjust the position of the cap jewel of the balance shaft?

Thanks in advance for yout replies!

Help with a technical question

Parechoc shock protection
06/22/2016 - 06:54

Hi Dan.  That is the Parechoc system.  The gold lever is a hold-down spring to tension to the upper balance pivot jewel.

Shock protection


Thanks Dean, my reply below was before seeing your post
06/22/2016 - 07:22

More familiar with the newer incabloc system, not as much much with Parechoc system.  Read about Parechoc before but never really looked at it before.  Thank you sir!

early shock resistance
06/22/2016 - 17:00

There is an amazing variety of designs for early shock resistance in wrist watches resulting from the desire to avoid patents, although there are records of lawsuits between manufacturers.  Incabloc was introduced in 1934 and Parechoc ten years later in 1944.  Shockresist was the more obscure of the three common Swiss systems and seems to appear in 1936.

Some say Incaflex was the most reliable.  It showed up in 1927 and rather than focus on the balance jewels, was based on springing the balance wheel itself.

Shock resistance wasn't practical for pocket watches despite Breguet's early Parechute design.  They weren't subject to the same sudden movements as wrist watches but, if dropped, the greater weight virtually ensured damage.  Hence the gimballed boxes and transit cases used to protect timekeepers used for navigation, communication, and other critical functions.

early shock resistance

This is a nice illustration found on the 'net, but the Besfit repair catalog of the period listed over 80 different types of shock protection!

marvelous find Dean, thanks again! (nt)
06/23/2016 - 03:36
VC pocket watch with shock protection
06/24/2016 - 17:01

The caliber 1701 has shock protection.  At a tidy 15-lignes, it has also done double-duty in wrist watches.  What is interesting though, is that the ebauche kit from Frederic Piguet comes without this feature, leaving it up to the end user to install their preferred system.

VC pocket watch with shock protection

For a closer look at this lovely ultra-flat caliber, check here.

learn something new each day :-)
06/22/2016 - 10:33


Perhaps an early form of shock protection? (nt)
06/22/2016 - 07:16