Help with watch identification

Hello All! 

I have recently acquired a vintage Vacheron Constantin, I love the watch but have not been able to find any information about it online! 

It would be great if anyone knew any details about this watch that could help me in my search. I would be extremely grateful!

Thank you in advance! 



Welcome to THL Chrisopher
04/08/2015 - 11:41

Your watch has VC's classic teardrop lugs and a great guilloche dial.

We would need you, or a watchmaker, to remove the caseback in order to see the movement and information inscribed on the movement and inside the caseback.  There will be serial numbers for the the movement and the case that can be used to determine the year the watch was manufactured (these serial numbers will be different and 6-digits each).  There will probably be a 4-digit reference number inscribed on the caseback as well.

We would love to see pictures of the movement as well in order to understand what calibre was used.

Best Regards, Dan


Re: Welcome to THL Chrisopher
04/08/2015 - 14:51

Hi Dan, 

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I have got my tools out and taken some pictures of the movement for you - I hope they are adequate! 

Thanks for all the help, It is greatly apreciated! 



I believe the watch is from the late 1940s
04/09/2015 - 15:58

The stainless steel case is great, and now considered a rarity (VC did not make many SS watches).

The movement is Cal 454, and considered one of VC's most beautiful.


This may help
04/08/2015 - 17:27

This may help

Re: This may help
04/08/2015 - 17:46

Thank you very much. A great help!