Hi Alex, Do you know if V&C have plans to

make any more Mercators?

thanks john

The Mercator was officially discontinued in 2004. My guestimate to
05/13/2008 - 20:11

production is in the 500-700 range. Considering the difficulties in making the dials and the modifications to the movement I had heard that production was limited to about 50 pieces a year (all dial/case metal combinations) considering that production ran from 1994-2004 you get my estimate above.

But don't quote me, I may be totally off

Re: The Mercator was officially discontinued in 2004. My guestimate to
05/13/2008 - 20:41

There were some, such as those for local interest (China, Portugal, Germany) for which only 10 were made. One rarely sees these ones for sale.

Usually its the N. America/S. America and Europe/Africa that one sees more commonly and even here more often the etched dials rather than the enamelled ones.

Furthermore, I thought the Mercators were replaced by the Hommage aux Grand Explorateurs (?)

Personally I would be very surprised indeed to see  any more Mercator production. (IMHO)



To bad they are beautiful to look at. Thanks Alex & JB
05/13/2008 - 20:48


Re: Mercator
05/13/2008 - 21:48

Hi John,

Here is a little look:


sweet..thanks Joseph
05/13/2008 - 22:44


Gorgeous watch! Does it represent Portugual? Even though I find the
05/14/2008 - 00:52

Mercator too small there is no denying that is is a true piec of horological art

Re: Gorgeous watch! Does it represent Portugual? Even though I find th
05/14/2008 - 17:23

yes, it is but there are parts of SPAIN as well.

The fine work on the maps is truly astounding!



niiiice! The Mercator will always hold a special spot in my heart as
05/14/2008 - 01:10

it is this model which attracted me to VC.

I remember I was in college and there was this AD who had one in his shop window, of corse I didn't have the money to buy one but I used to pass infront of his window as often as I ould to admire the watch...

Oh, the Mercator!
05/14/2008 - 21:47

An enamel Mercator is one of my dream watches, at the top of the wish list, since a while ago.

Last weekend, in a rush of some kind, I even changed my avatar here.



Scann of Ultra Rare Mercator Inside!
05/14/2008 - 10:55

I love the Mercator. It brings me such a great happiness just to read articles / threads talking about this timepiece. I'm fortunate to own a platinum one with regular engraved dial, and hope someday I can find my way to add an enamel version in my collection.

Interetsting enough, not a single Mercator was offered at geneva auctions currently closed.

As discussed elsewhere in this forum, enamel Mercator came in limited series with dials depicting various countries / regions. But this Mercator in the scan is ultra rare. I don't think we have seen this before on the Lounge. It's Claude-Daniel Proellochs' personal watch, featuring a historic map of Napoli, Italy. Enjoy!



Scan courtesy of Ng Tjeng Jaw.

Yup a gorgeous piece! A unique model was also made for
05/14/2008 - 12:13

Jean Todd (the then head of Ferrari F1 racing team) depicting the front of a Ferrari F1 car.

Jean Todd is a gentleman with a great taste....
05/14/2008 - 12:32

Obviously he owns all special pieces from VC, RM and FPJ. But wait a minute-- not nothing from Joe Patek. Now he has a very good taste...LOL 

Are there any pictures of the ferrari dial??Thanks
05/14/2008 - 13:59


none, Mr Poellochs the previous CEO told me about it but I have
05/14/2008 - 16:22

never seen the watch.

I do believe that however the Mercator concept shopuld have been kept only with dials representing ancient maps, otherwise the watch and its concept don't make sens anymore and become gimmicky IMHO.

Maybe they turned the hands upside down like to look
05/14/2008 - 17:09

like wind-shield wipers.

LOL :-) (nt)
05/14/2008 - 22:24


LOL, nt
05/15/2008 - 00:51


Re: Maybe they turned the hands upside down like to look
05/15/2008 - 00:57


As long as they don't work the same way!


mmmhhhhh ... a Ferrari F1 Mercator?...
05/17/2008 - 14:06

I don't manage to imagine such a watch .... seems to be so "atypical" for the mercator line.