Hi Loungers! Malte Chrono WG or Toledo 1952 WG

Am looking for a Toledo as of the moment but I stumbled on a Malte Chrono this afternoon. Any opinions will be appreciated.

What do you guys think I should buy?

tough question as they are so different. I am a
07/03/2008 - 18:58

chrono fan so I would go for the Malte espacially with its amazing movement, I also really like the case and guilloche of the dial. The Toledo is really specific too VC so its a tough choice but which ever you choose you can't go wrong.

07/03/2008 - 19:14

This is one of those questions that only you can answer! Do you prefer manual wind or automatic, square or round, calendar or chrono?

Both are fantastic watches, I used to own a Toledo 1952 in WG sold it and wouldn't mind having one in RG now. Its a typical VC design finding its roots in the 50s and I find that Vc did a good job in reinterpreting it.

I currently have a Malte chrono and love it, the size is perfect and the heft and feel awsome, definately looks 1000 times better in real than on photos.

You can't really go wrong with either one. I know I'm not of much help

Keep us posted on your choice.

Re: Hi Loungers! Malte Chrono WG or Toledo 1952 WG
07/03/2008 - 19:36

Hi Gilbert,

I confess I'm the opposite of Alex.

I've owned both, a WG Toledo and a RG Malte Chrono.

I still own the Toledo. I sold the Chrono to buy a Chrono Perpetual.

I really like both, but prefer the Toledo. The case is so distinctive and I also prefer the calendar and moonphase function.

My 2 cents


Very tough question and since you have picked two
07/03/2008 - 21:43

of my personal favorites, even tougher. I will confess that the Toledo in RG that I saw in Basel a couple of years ago was simply stunning, really an incredible alloy that V&C came up with. You will be incredibly happy with either choice--this is a nice decision to make! Best to all, Tim

I had almost the exact same choice
07/04/2008 - 00:08

except they were both RG.  I chose the chrono mostly because the 1952 is not an annual calendar.  Hard choice though.

Thanks fellow loungers for your opinions. Frankly my first
07/04/2008 - 04:27

choice is the Toledo but it's not available with my AD as of the moment instead the Malte Chrono which is my second choice. Am having hard time to decide if I am going to wait for the Toledo which they cannot give me a definite date when it will be available. Ill keep you posted guys in case I buy the chrono! Thanks again and more power to HL!

I know I'm only new here....
07/04/2008 - 07:22

But I prefer the Malte Chrono. I just love mine.

New, but your collection and knowledge is superb Sir! :-) (nt)
07/04/2008 - 14:22


ditto that Rei (nt)
07/04/2008 - 15:48


Both are nice pieces,
07/04/2008 - 23:41

but I prefer the chrono.

I used to have a Toledo, but I never understood why VC, for a modern watch, did not produce it with annual calendar! I mean, every month other than 31 days, you must change the dates by yourself!

Apart this, it fits wonderfully on your wrist.

as everybody said...
07/06/2008 - 20:07

...it's a tough choice... I prefer the Malte Chrono, but the Toldedo is not too far behind in the rankings...