Hi my friends , second you this dial is reprinted or not?

Hi my friends , second you this dial is reprinted or not?

Number of case 255254, number of the mov 406116.

Another question, the value of a clock depends on the writing? For example, more a clock with the written " Vacheron Costantin geneve suisse" (like this one) than the written vacheron costantin geneve? I hope that I explain :-)

Thank you.

Its very difficult to assertain from a photo but some pf the numerals
11/04/2007 - 15:28

11-12 seem to have lost color and either the dial has not be refinished or done a long time ago.

The value of a watch will not change dending on the writing on the dial. Vacheron Constantin, Suisse, Genève was habitually put on dials of watches made for the American market. 

My dear Mimo,
11/04/2007 - 15:54

You have sent me at least 5 emails with the same queston !!!!

I have answered you with pictures and described as much as I can about your watch.

Including lots of pictures !!

Somewhere you got to stop,

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Re: My dear Mimo,
11/04/2007 - 18:11

hi My friend doc :-)

Excuse but I realized that I had to make an application to the entire forum for more advice. Ok ok do fine.