Hidden Treasure? New Patrimony in Platinum

I am the proud owner of a Vacheron Patrimony (called "Contemperain" at the time) limited edition automatic two hand beauty in platinum.  Platinum case, dial, and even platinum stiching in the strap.  So when I saw an article on another site about Vacheron's new limited edition Exellence Platine Patrimony watches, i read with curiousity because I thought perhaps the author was writing about the 2008 era relase of limited edition Patrimony pieces in platinum.  Nope, sometime within the last month, the world's oldest continuous watchmaker "announced" another limited edition run of slightly larger (42 mm) dress watches called  "Patrimony -Excellence Collection Platine" and one of these now appears on the collections page of the VC main site.  When I wanted to learn more, i did the obligatory Google search andI saw lots of articles about the 2008 era splash into PT 950 platinum, but Vacheron has said very little about the new line.  Did I miss something?  It seems like the folks at Vacheron headquarters would want to give a little more notice.  Perhaps, this is just Vacheron playing the part of the distinguised and reserved manufacturer who speaks softly but carries a big stick.  But given the extensive media around other recent product launches from our heroes in Geneve, it seems like there should be a little more buzz.  

What I am really concerned about is my fear that VC had a super awesome launch party and Mike Berlin, Robert,E.  Dan Shao and all the other cool kids got invited but I didnt get the call.  

Seriously, doesnt a new 42 milemeter platinum limited edition warrant a little more buzz????


Not quite sure I understand....
08/24/2017 - 09:29

you are unhappy about VC bringing this new Patrimony model out or the fact that you didn't really hear about it?

As for the buzz when VC brought out the Collection Excellence Platine in 2006 if was really a novelty in the watch world but since then every year they bring out a CEP version of an existing model. The 42mm Patrimony was originally presented in 2016: http://www.thehourlounge.com/en/vacheron-constantin-articles/sihh-2016-p...

I guess that the CEP have lost their WOW factor as we are being accustomed to this collection and therefore less buzz

Re: Not quite sure I understand....
08/25/2017 - 19:30

All is well.  But after the big splash for the Harmony line, the historic chrono and especially the new Overseas line (which I am wearing right now), it was just a little surprising that the new platinum pieces didn't get a little more splash. On further consideration, it is probably just a reflection of the understated excellence and quiet cool that Vacheron is all about.  But I didn't see anything, for example, on HODINKEE or any of Vacheron's social media outlets about the new platinum pieces.  Just curious.  I am not going to get a second Vacheron patrimony in platinum, so I wasn't the target market anyway.  Have a good weekend and pray for the Texans staring at a hurricane.  

Hello Charles
08/24/2017 - 13:14

I posted about the new Excellence Platinum watch on August 11 here on THL.  Here is a link to it in case you couldn't find it:


I found this watch through VC's Press Release information and shared it with the Loungers.  I haven't seen this watch in person yet.

I also haven't been to a VC related event since SIHH in January.  If there are super, and secret, launch parties...I am definitley not on the list.

Re: Hidden Treasure? New Patrimony in Platinum
08/24/2017 - 16:15

If there is a list being created, I want on it as well, Alex please help us get on it, thanks...