Homage to te cientists.

Hello Lougers!

Next month, in the same city as our beloved Vacheron Constantin is located, a very important step in the search for the unknown will take place...

In may 2008, the Large Hadron Collider will be switched on in CERN (european centre for nuclea reserach), and a whole new horizon of discoveries about the very begin of our universe will be openned to exploration.

I think this day, which will be very important in the future, should not be ignored. I do think VC, which is the oldest watchmaker in the world (what is Blancpain??) and is very linked with its glorious past, but always looking into the future, should do something, a comemorative watch (maybe just with a differente writing on the back) to mark this event in history, as VCs last forever!

Thank you for reading,

                                                                  Rolando Figueiredo

Thrilling thought!
04/24/2008 - 01:18

Could happen something

Thanks for the tip



even if it is off topic could you explain what this Collider
04/24/2008 - 11:56

actually does?

I know that VC supports certain research students from the University of geneva but in general I'm pretty much against special commemorative watches...but that's just me.

04/24/2008 - 14:50

Here's one link, alex,

There are many more but this one is pretty straight-forward and easy to understand




Thanks Joseph (nt)
04/24/2008 - 15:51


This article sets a good example,
04/24/2008 - 17:43

of explain these complex matters to an amateur.


At least I now think I get it elementary,

before CERN, was just a name and seemed so complex,

that I wouldn't dare to read about  

Thanks Joseph



I like the idea of hoomage to scientists
04/24/2008 - 16:54

These says, the watches companies associate themselves a lot more with the Art world (VC included) - it would be cool if a piece would be dedicated to/ themed around sciences...

Re: Homage to te cientists.
04/24/2008 - 22:10

As a former post grad student within particle physics I am excited hearing the enthusiasm of the HL for such event!!


The physics community has waited a long time for the LHC to be finished and is expecting great results. But CERN is not only about the particle physics, actually this very World Wide Web protocols that we are using today to communicate on the internet was actually born within CERN community in order to have the researches share work…a great and more applicable and TANGIABLE product from the great minds at CERN.


Kindest regs



That is what I meant!
04/25/2008 - 01:03

I am currently studying A-levels in England, and my main subject is by far, physics. I inted to take further studies in the area, and quantum physics/ cosmology really fascinates me. All the people from this area, including Heisenberg, Planck, Schrödinger, Einstein and many others are the ones that made a difference to humanity!

This is why I think it is important to VC, which is so close to CERN, to mark this event in a special way!

Thank you again,

                                                        Rolando Figueiredo