Hong Kong Service Problems?

Has anyone else had problems with Hong Kong servicing? Ever since I took my watch in to get cleaned May 12 the watch stopped being able to stay wound much longer than a 12 hours or so, when it used to stay wound for nearly two days. I've now had the watch back to VC service to rectify this problem three times, and while they haven't charged me for the follow up they still may not have fixed the problem- I wore it all day yesterday and it was dead by 2pm today after I took it off around 11pm last night. 

If anyone else is having this problem I think VC needs to be aware there's an issue. I've been thinking about trading up to a new model but after this series of problems I'm beginning to wonder. 
Hi and welcome Norm, I'm sorry to hear about your issues, what was the
02/11/2013 - 18:01
watch? I'll send you a PM so you can give me your personnal details and I'll check to see what the issue is. I have heard of automatic watches not providing full power resevre but in rare cases of people with office jobs where there arm hardly moved enough to get the rotor spinning but this doesn't seem to be your case as the watch used to function great before
Re: Hi and welcome Norm, I'm sorry to hear about your issues, what was the
02/13/2013 - 12:32
Hello, Any magnetic fields in your surrounding that might explain your repeating problem ? Regards, Berny
Re: Hi and welcome Norm, I'm sorry to hear about your issues, what was the
09/11/2016 - 09:33
Alex not sure if this address still works, but have decided to return this watch to VC once and for all. As you may remember the watch spent nearly a year in the repair shops of Hong Kong and your home base of Switzerland a few years ago. The watch couldn't hold a charge and kept stopping when taken off my wrist after just a few hours. Eventually I was told the problem was solved, but the watch still wouldn't be dependable past about 8-10 hours. I had to buy a winder for when I took the watch off to sleep. The watch still stops, however, and now will even stop when on my wrist. This is ridiculous - not only for what's supposed to be a premium watchmakers product, but after so much attention to try to fix the problem. I'm through trying and am done with VC, but want your management to know what's happened. I will be sending the watch in its original box to your company with complete explanation for how much hassle this watch has been to me over the past decade. Hopefully this will alert your leadership to the brand-destructive experiences some of us are having with vc products.