Hot off the drawing board:A brand new Tantalum/Palladium Quai de l'Ile

Following the auction of the tantalum QDI at Only Watch for euro 50k VC has decided to contribute an additional 100,000 Swiss francs for the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy

Vacheron Constantin has decided to launch a special series of 100 numbered watches dedicated to this cause and which will enable the watch company to donate the additional sum of 100,000 Swiss francs 

VC has therefore decided to launch a series of 100 Quai de l’Ile watches with a case made in tantalum and in palladium; equipped with the mechanical self-winding 2460 movement 

This QDI will have a case in palladium and bezzel, flanks and crown in tantalum. I will post in the flesh photos as soon as the they are produced but here is the 1st CAD image:

click image for a larger view

Hot off the drawing board:A brand new Tantalum/Palladium Quai de l'Ile

Very nice use of metals...
09/25/2009 - 18:59
and it seems VC has decided to enter the L.E. market with the QDI Rightfully so, imo, and its great that the proceeds go to a good cause.
LUV IT !!! Any hints on the retail price?
09/25/2009 - 20:32
I just adore the piece and color/metal combo... When is it comingout, Alex?
should be out by early 2010. Not sure about retail but it should be
09/26/2009 - 19:08
somewhere along euro 22-25k. I need to check this....
That should be amazing
09/26/2009 - 23:39
I love this watch... I have some reservations about the QDL in person... the movement feels too small... but excellent... and the watch, while SO stunning and SO daring and SO clearly historically connected to VC... still feels somewhat strangely unsubstantial. I can't explain it. Still, I WANT ONE. Yet... I hesitate. I usually solve this type of indecision by waiting for a pre-owned example. :) This model will be amazing, tantalum is so wonderful. Thanks Alex!
there is a QDI up for auction at the Patrizzi NY auction of Oct 7! nt
09/28/2009 - 00:26
I was quite surprised when I saw this
10/02/2009 - 09:09
...I wasn't expecting to see one so soon at the auction. Given that the model has just come out, the price range seems a bit high for me... at that price might as well get it from an AD.
I love the model,
09/27/2009 - 12:39
but not the materials in this version. Too conservative, I suppose, I prefer WG or PT, yes, even steel, and when I can afford it, it probably will be a RG But it's for sure a modern tonneau and very much Vacheron&Constantin Doc
this is the most beautiful combination so far ........
09/28/2009 - 08:01
furthermore, for a very worthy cause . three thumbs up!!!
Look-a- like ??
09/28/2009 - 21:24
... a bit far-fetched, my dear doc ;-) (nt).
10/02/2009 - 09:06
Looks nice, but I'll wait until I see real photos
10/02/2009 - 09:17
say if I prefer it to the palladium version... However, I am very pleased to hear that VC is taking action to further a good cause!