Hour Lounge using iPAD

I tried to log into Hour Lounge using iPAD but failed. Anyone has the same issue? I noticed a new tab has to be opened to enter my credentials when I tab the "LOGIN" button on top but that's where the app fails. It came back with a error message. I would like to use my iPAD more and more these days and less reliant on my laptop. Any help is appreciated.   
hmmm weird, I just tested using 2 different iPads and had no
04/25/2012 - 19:10
Issues logging in and am posting via iPad
Works on my new iPad (3rd generation) too
04/25/2012 - 20:10
I have no trouble logging in or posting..
Hour Club
04/25/2012 - 20:43
I'm unable to log-in to the Hour Club via my desktop, so perhaps that's a different problem?
Can log in to Hour Club on the iPad
04/25/2012 - 22:46
... but the layout doesn't quite fit the iPad display. Many of the panels are clipped/cropped but the login process worked fine for me just now.
Both Lounge and Club are working for me...
04/25/2012 - 20:56
on both iPad (1st gen... or, more appropriately, 'vintage' iPad) and desktop. Maybe something to do with firewall or server settings? Best, Walid